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Does anyone have severe pain in their arm? I mention this to my movement disorder doctor and she did not seem to think much of it.


My husband seems to think it is arthritis, but I disagree. Sometimes the pain runs down my arm, into my hand. Other times it goes up into my neck. It is very painful to raise my arm. When I go to bed, it throbs all night keeping me awake. I know I need to go to a doctor to rule out arthritis, but with my movement it is such an effort to do that. Can anyone relate to this?

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I also get severe pain. It started in my right hip, ran down my leg into my knee and then down to my foot. I had an mri scan which showed that I had degeneration of my bones at the bottom of my spine. Was put on yet more meds.

Then I got the same pain in my right arm. This started in my shoulder, ran down my arm

into my elbow and down to my hand. Another mri scan and yet more meds. The result was the same as for my back except this is at the top of my spine. This has left me with reduced feeling in my hand and also with problems in holding things in my hand.

I am not suggesting that your problems may have the same cause. rather that you need to find out what is causing your pain so that something can be done about it. We have enough problems with Parkinsons without dealing with extra pain when we don't need to.

Good luck.

Eileen9 in reply to Court

Thanh you for your reply. I feel like I am turning into cement. During the day I still have pain, but not as bad as at night. I move around during the day. At night, my meds wear off, and I lay in the same position, and the "cement" sets in. When I try to get up during the night, my arm is very painful. I will have it checked out.

carconcopy1 in reply to Court

I agree, people with PD have enough to deal with, without dealing with pain

Yes Eileen

I have a milder version of this pain on my affected side like yours. Do you find it is constant or does it come and go? Mine is worse when meds are wearing off.

Eileen9 in reply to Hikoi

Yes, mine is worse at night after my meds have worn off.

Hikoi in reply to Eileen9


If pain is worse when meds are wearing off then that indicates it is connected to PD. Pain is common in PD - this from the American Parkinsons Disease society

Musculoskeletal pain

Aching muscles and joints are especially common in PD. Rigidity, lack of spontaneous movement, abnormalities of posture and awkward mechanical stresses all contribute to musculoskeletal pain in PD. One of the most common musculoskeletal complaints is shoulder stiffness, sometimes called a frozen shoulder (this may in fact be the first sign of PD). Hip pain, back pain and neck pain are all common painful complaints in PD.

Radicular and neuritic pain

Pain that occurs close to a nerve or nerve root is described as neuritic or radicular pain. The classic root-pain syndrome is sciatica, caused by compression or inflammation of the L5 lumbar root. Patients usually describe root pain as a sharp, lightning-like sensation that radiates towards the end of a limb. Of course, any nerve or root may be subject to injury or compression, and a careful neurological assessment is needed for the diagnosis......Radicular pain can usually be successfully treated with a mobility program and pain medication and rarely requires surgery.

Dear Eileen9,

I have got relief by :

1 Hand stretching exercises,everyday.

2 Take garlic in food everyday or take garlic suppliments

within seven days you will feel the difference.


Eileen9 in reply to SGHALDIA

Yes, I thinking stretching exercises will help. Thanks.

I have this kind of pain in my right arm all the time, I ve been told it is my PD posture and tense muscles that cause it. I use an over the door pulley to lightly exercise my arms. Then I use 100% lavendar oil to relieve the constant cramping it really works. When my right shoulder is cold the pain is worse so i try to keep a sweater handy or light blanket.

I suspect that not all Movement Disorder Specialist see beyond the motor symptoms. How is she/he on the other non motor symptoms such as anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and fatigue?

I have this pain problem at the moment sometimes right in the marrow of the bones as well as the tendons and muscles; And it suddenly started when I caught a Flu bug that hit the family. The timing of pain came with congested Sinus and dullness in inner scalp.

As the pain eased once on antibiotics the GP agreed that I have still got a Flu related infection effecting the cranium, and I am now taking a second higher dose of Antibiotic.

Interesting to note; that the Levadopa meds stopped working completely with the initial Flu virus and started to take affect again once the antibiotics kicked in.

I suspect the 'polarity' of the nerve cells is effected by the virus and the pain comes from unwanted biochemical matter building up within the cells. And perhaps the virus took hold because unwanted matter had built up congested within the sinuses.

My question would be have you had a recent Cold or attack in Flu?

Hope the pain eases as I know what it is to climb the walls with pain that cannot be eased by conventional painkillers.



Eileen9 in reply to beauxreflets

You know I did have a cold, but it was pretty mild. That is something to consider though.

many neurologists do not seem to know that the dystonia associated with PD is PAINFUL.

My bad arm pained me last night and this morning. And for the first time I found it hard to get in and out of bed. Stiff and sore all over actually this morning. Pd Must be progressing

Your shooting pains could be related to a pinched nerve in your spine. My husband just had spinal surgery to relieve the shooting pains down the back of his legs, starting at the hips, going down his hamstrings. These shooting pains were so painful that they caused him to fall so many times The surgery cleared the nerve passages. We saw the specialist in October and viewed the MRI. My husband thought that going to a chiropractor was the least invasive option--after 4 months of NO improvement, he opted for the surgery. The hospital stay and rehab lasted two weeks, much more than we had planned. He has to wear a back brace for a couple of months, but the shooting pains are GONE!

It could be spinal nerve root. This should be associated with numbness and tingling in the arm. A rotator cuff in the shoulder is also possible.

There are many possibilities... Try to find a good physical therapist.

I had a problem with adhesive capsulitis that presented itself almost as you described. You might talk to your doc about this (aka - a frozen shoulder).

Best wishes,


Bisbee, AZ

I have severe pain in my right shoulder which radiates down my arm and into my chest, sometimes I feel sick with the pain My tremor is in my right arm and leg.I have a sport massage which helps to relieve the tension in my shoulder. I am having a MRI scan next week as my GP thinks I may have a nerve impingement as the pain is stabbing at times with tingling in my fingers. I have been prescribed Tramadol for the pain and diazepam for the spasm,which is not always effective.

I suggest you have your cardiac system checked over, Parkinson gives me pain in the limbs ,but your problem sounds like my Angina I have had PD for over 30 years having difficulty in all different ways Good Luck

Eileen this sounds like dystonia and can be accentuated by too much L-Dopa. I know How are you doing? Unpleasant this is .... Tony x

Pain in my right shoulder started after a picc was removed after a 4 week course of IV antibiotics for a staph infection in knee joint. Pain radiated.down arm and by time it progressed to the upper side of wrist and hand it felt more like nerve pain. Can relate to sleepless nights. Pain meds created other issues but found heat and motrin gave most relief. Hand also feels weaker at times. Also keep a sweater or extra blanket close by to keep shoulder warm. Suggested this site to my neurologist and NP so they would realize that some of same symptoms are experienced by others with PD.

Get a better doctor! I went through 5 neurologists before i found a good one for me.

Yes I also feel pain in my left arm and leg. The stiffness is also the reason for pain in the muscles taking time to get back to their original position. Pl apply sesame oil on the pained areas and move those body parts slowly back and forth. You can apply cold pads also after the massage. While walking, put your heel first on the ground.

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