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No vra vra vrooooom ?

I guess I am lucky I've always been like tigger, even as a teenager I had a rare condition " allergic to daytime bed". I cannot waste the day, I rarely sit still and I have multiple projects all the time. If I posted an average day you would be amazed or appalled I do about the same as 3 people! Its hyperactive productiveness! But I mix things up so that its not all work or chores, there has to be a balance of fun, happy stuff and nonsense. I'm good at those last three! I seem to run out of time everyday and despite no TV I am never bored. I know this is personality type and for me it makes my PD much less of an issue. Its important to fill the gaps of life that illness strips away.. my advice for anyone who feels a bit empty, under utilised, lonely or bored would be the following…

1. Remember something you loved to do as a child … jigsaws, flower pressing, paper planes… matters not! Have a go

2. Try and do something that requires two of you! The other person will soon kick you into touch if needed!

3. Do the things you are good at, but maybe add something extra, bake a cake…. but then take it to a friend you haven't seen for a while!

4. Try new things…. just something you fancy! Even if you think 'I can't do that' maybe just maybe you can

5. Do and share things with people… example a nice playlist of tracks for the car..

6. Do something silly …. I make those paper snapper things all the time the ones where you pick a colour then a number and then read out a challenge or forfeit I play them on my friends much to their horror

7. Teach somebody something you know and they don't!

8. Do something random - catch a bus somewhere you've never been you don't have to get off! Just do a loop and chat to people on the way!

9. Go to the penny arcades I'm off today with a friend and I've got £2 worth of 2p's !!!

10. Play some loud music, all of us have a track our parents told us to 'turn that rubbish down' mine was the Clash and London's Calling!

Keeping well is also keeping happy…..

Kindest CHH

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Hello Colleen,

Well, I think that is you best post to-date. Full of enthusiasm as usual but somehow expressed in an even more enthusiastic way.

Now I am not allowed to drive anymore I'd like to do the bus ride thing but I am somewhat fearful of getting stuck or having a fall. The bus drivers in these 'ere parts have dreadful reputations for being impatient.


oh take the chance!


Took the chance yesterday. Three bus rides but to places already known. Chuffing well takes ages to get anywhere by bus - okay if you're not in a hurry.


I know Pete, you like the vra vra vroooooom, reminds you of that toy car you had.


My daughter had, still has, one of the "lil tikes" red and yellow push along cars and now she is 19. A couple of enterprising blokes got together and made a life size version complete with engine. See following link


I do not rest or sleep during the day. I have taught myself how to bake....currently taking sewing lessoms, painting wine bottles (use for flower vases) and the list goes on..Today, I must defend my title of a Chilli Cook-Off,,,Life is too short to waste being idle.....


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