What part does Calcium play in the treatment of Pd?

I have spoken about the roles played by MAO-b inhibitors, walking, stress management and attitude in the story of the reversal of my Parkinson's diesease. I have just realized that I have been taking chellated Calcium/magnesium tablets, since before my Parkinson's was diagnosed. I have been taking them for bone health, but I have recently learned that Calcium and magnesium, together with vitamin D are also involved in maintaining glial cell health, and hence possibly in Parkinson's disease. Can anybody enlighten me on this subject?


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  • I hope someone can shead more light on this aspect John

    I say this, as for years I have been of the opinion that some situations in PD are down to the scarring of the larger nerve fibres in the body. Perhaps more particularly the sheath surrounding the central nerve through the spine, pressure at the branching or exit points of major peripheal nerves and the squeeze upon the nerves passing through parts of the bone structure within the pelvic region.

    I have written about it here sites.google.com/site/beaux...

  • Would a glass of milk help- -or some cheese?

  • I seem to have not phrased my question very well. has chellated calcium & magnesium possibly played a part in helping my recovery? What does this combination of chemicals do? I know calcium is also a neurotransmitter, but that is all I know.


  • You say your pd is reversed can you tell me what you actually do and what you take. Thank you for your help

  • Hi cshamb. I have posted this story on other threads of this Health Unlocked site. I will try to keep it as short as possible

    I was diagnosed with Pd in 1993. With the benefit of knowledge gained later on, I soon realized that I had been suffering with many symptoms since 1963, when I opened my first business. My neurologist prescribed a single medication of Eldepryl, which is an MAO-b inhibitor. This medication stops the breakdown of dopamine in the brain. As we have a shortage of dopamine, it makes sense to stop the natural breakdown of the dopamine we already have. After ten years of taking this single medication my condition had improved so much that I was able to stop taking the medication and have been off any Pd medication for over ten years now. I wrote a book about it so that everyone could read how I had gone about dealing with my Pd, and this did not please my local neurologists. The book is titled, "Reverse Parkinson's Disease" because that is what I think I have managed to do. I have listed everything I did over those ten years under the headings of Medication; exercise; stress management; diet; attitude and mental stimulation. I cannot give you all that information in this blog but you can get the book off my website - reverseparkinsons.net - which gives a whole lot of info on Pd and how I dealt with it, but that is not the full story. I did not get onto this blog to sell books and most people seem to have either read my story or know a lot about it. The exercise I did was energetic walking, the stress management mainly involved giving up my job at the age of 58 and the rest is mainly common sense. I hope this helps you.

    Kind regards


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