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Avoiding the use of laxatives

I take enough drugs as it is so I cook my own high fibre cereal bars to help with the inevitable constipation caused by all that medication. These bars really work so I now bake them and put them on eBay to help others with the same problem. BAR15 is high in fibre but contains no added fat, salt or sugar. This makes it low Cal and less sweet, more grown up to eat. Sharon

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Why fat free? I'd put loads of coconut oil in it.


I know where you are coming from and a version with added coconut oil is in the development plan. My research showed a real desire for a low cal bar that fills you up. How many of us eat a low cal cereal bar and then eat another because it didn't fill us up? BAR15 offers a choice which is not available elsewhere. It is simply a start. I will continue by widening that real choice with each new version. I have had good feedback from people who just wanted to find another tasty way to eat more fibre. The use of laxatives in this country is shocking.

I appreciate your interest. If you would like a free sample as a tangible expression of that please tell me where to send it.

More info on eBay uk. Sharon


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