Husband refuses to use mobility aids

Is anyone having this issue with their spouse? My husband has already been in e.r. Two times this past year. Recovering from a broken collar bone (surgic ally repaired). His movement disorder doctor has talked to him about importance of using a walker. Getting quite frustrated with multiple,daily falls. He seems not to care....

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  • I have the same problem with my husband. He has fallen a lot lately, but is so stubborn, not wanting to use his walker either. His Physical Therapist has also explained, how important it is for him to use the walker & not his cane, which doesn't support his weight. I fear an ER visit also, if he doesn't start using the walker.

  • Pride doesn't 'alf get in the way of common sense sometimes.

  • Same with my husband,sooner or later he will take a really hard fall,it scares me,he has had quite a few but always landed on something soft.thinks he is Peter Pan,pride does not help,like Pete says common sense is needed.So I sit here waiting for the big one

  • Anybody thought of taking the canes away and seeing if these stubborn men use the walkers?

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