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How to I respond to an item

I asked this question before and this is the response I received

Hikoi responded to How do you respond to an item you see on the Newsfeed screen?

When you say news screen is that the latest activity screen? That comes up when I log on. It is the home screen. On the purple bar you can tap on questions, posts, polls etc to move screens and respond to items. Hope this is helpful, not sure ...

Now, exactly how do I respond to Hikoi's response to tell her that I see the purple bar that I can tap on, but exactly which item do I tap on to respond to her?. Which item do I tap on to move to which screen. I can tap on "questions, posts or polls" but none of them give me a way to respond to Hikoi's response. I guess I am too stupid to use this new improved system..

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To find Hikoi's page you can click "Members" on the purple bar - then in the "Find a Member" box enter 'Hikoi', I just tried it and it took me straight there - hope this helps.


It does work and I thank you for the helpful information. Howeer, I am afraid that responding this way will put my response into her private inbox so that everyone will not get to see the problems and solutions with using this system.




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