Parkinson's Movement

Parkinson's Poem

Parkinson's Poem

Tried a Journal but Poems are more my style

Living with Parkinson’s gets harder each and every day

And I listen to and do everything my doc has had to say.

I exercise to keep my body flexible, strong and moving around

And read and work puzzles to keep my brain alert and sound.

I surround myself with those who have a positive attitude

And don't associate with folks who put me in a really bad mood.

When I open my eyes in the morning I start to think and plan

What can I do today so that others in my world will understand.

The frustration that I feel because I can’t do all the tasks I used to do

And why at times I can’t avoid feeling really down and a little bit blue.

But as I think of all of the people who are much worse off than me,

I resolve that today will be better than the day before, and IT WILL BE!

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This is something I need to read often. Thank You!


The fact is, our condition's arbitrary and absurd

so we have to show who's boss thru the power of the word.

I take my levadopa and I take my Azilect

but what really helps me most is to use my intellect.

THe discipline of meter, the challenge of good rhyme

will always get me moving, it happens every time.

So walk and run, do yoga, at a gym or in your home

and give your brain a workout by composing your own…pome.


ah... another person who likes to express ones self in verse


Very nice "pome"!

I love to read PWP poetry.



love the poems

cannot write poetry but will read the poems on the site

love jill


bet you could .... give it a try


Will definitely be returning to read this poem again. Will print it out and put it on my fridge. Thanks.


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