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How will I cope without meds in preparation for DBS assessment?

I am beginning the road to DBS and have my memory test things?? tomorrow. I am really worried about the assessment where I need to be off medication as I literally cannot move without meds. My problem is mainly dystonia, stiffness, rigidity but the last time I came off meds it was agony and my cramps are worse now than then! I am terrified of being without meds overnight...any suggestions, comments?

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Call your Dr. and tell him/her how anxious you are and what you could do about it? If they can't help you, is there something you do that relaxes you at all? Music, Art, try moving slowly (not dancing)! Anything at all that relaxes you! Do some research today! Hope this helps you, because the DBS is so worth it when you're done! Be sue to give it some time! I had mine in 2006.


Carol. <><




Don't worry about it. You only have to be off your meds for about 12 hours and part of that is over night. The other test are very simple ,you do things like say the days of the month backwards, copy a picture remember numbers etc ,nothing complicated. Are you in the u.k? I had the op in January and its great.


Sorry to be upfront and personal but the two of you who have had DBS, how old are you and how long have you been diagnosed? I'm 47 diagnosed 3 years - is it too early for DBS. I take 12 tablets a day already.


Hi I am 56 now. I was diagnosed when I was 40. I don't think its too early for the op, you will be amazed at the difference it will make to the quality of your life I really did not expect to it to be so successful and wish I had it years ago.What country do you live in?


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