When do I know if I have Parkinsons. Wondering if its 'in my head' due to 'survivor guilt' (lost parents this year younger sister in 2006

Im 51 & was diagnosed 10 years ago w/ benign chronic tremor(which I had all my life) Also depression and anxiety bouts most of my life. Long story short is now been on Levadopa for 2 months, my tremor got better (when I cut my dose it came back) Had suffered sever fatique, again which is better, tend to have spells of dropping things and muscle pains/stiff BUT also have other health issues. Last few years bad sweats, insomnia & constipation worse, thought it was a rough menapause. My neurologist is not sure, (dont have the gate or masking and some of the other symptoms. Had brain scans. Mom passed in July after fatal fall (she had Parkinsons,as did cousin on moms side, her sister passed from MS. Im now without my family and wonder if this is 'survivor guilt'..

Any thoughts welcome! Thank you

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  • Hi dubdive,

    It's in our Head alright,, dont beat your self up we all go throught the guilt thing at some point and that ok , life is too short and we never know whats round the corner ( thankfully) al least we can all expres our selfs here on this site and no one judges us , try to cheer up we are all with you on this roller coaster called PD,

    Ps you coming to the Party


  • If Im coming to the party its good to know that theres nice folk there (though I wish we were all going to the Bahamas instead) thank youx

  • Good see you there,

    Bahamas would be great just now , weather here in Scotland is very wet and windy and having just looked out the window its starting to freeze up , as they say its good to talk , you take care now and remember your not alone



  • You all could come visit me in sunny Florida! :)

  • Sounds great- NYC getting cold (though I sweat so much lately that its almost a relief) But wow its a lovely place-Floirda I mean!

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