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Pain in my right side


I had a whipple procedure in Sept 2011 for removal of a malignant pseudopapillary tumour and have recovered well. However the last month or so, I have noticed that my stools are getting more constipated and I am getting pain on my right side when I strain going to the toilet. The pain comes and goes through out the day and can wake me up at night. Its more uncomfortable than agony, although I will get the odd sharp twinge.

Has anyone had anything like this?

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Hi spring... My whipple was in October 2011.... I have a constant awareness in my right hand side... Of something.but not pain.... I have also noticed my stools appearance, colour, fatiness and ease of exit... Sorry for too much detail...change with my diet.... But it is all down to my diet... Had to give up fish and chips and now steam most of my food.... When I'm having a good diet then all is normal.... What type of pain are you having???? Dane


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