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Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon

My daughter Rosemary completed the three peaks challenge this weekend in memory of her granddad who died in November from this awful cancer. So far she has raised £410 and has another £250 promised, money is still coming in. We know in the greater scheme of things it's not a lot of money but every little helps. I read the Health Unlocked Website almost every day and still cry when I read some of the messages. It will be 8 months this Friday since we lost my father. At the time it was brutal but we take comfort from the fact that he had three weeks to put his affairs in order and say his goodbyes. He got progressively weaker over the three weeks between his diagnosis being confirmed and his death but it was only the last 48 hours when he was confined to bed and the pain medication meant he was sleeping all the time. He died at home with my mother holding one hand and me the other. When he was diagnosed he told me he wasn't ready to go and still had so much he wanted to do, after all he was only 80! However, a few days before the end he hugged me and told me he was ready. I pass on my best wishes to everyone and say life does go on and no-one is really gone while there are people who love them and rember them.

Our local newspaper, the Hartlepool Mail, carried the story a few weeks ago. We hope for a follow up.

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That's lovely !!!!!! I've lost mum now, a week ago, it's so very sad for us all,

Mum lasted 10 months, and fortunately mum was spared the pain,

I'm going to be doing something too to raise funds !

Let's hope your dad and my mum are having a party in heaven !




Thank you for the comment and I am very sorry for your loss. Doing the three peaks was a wonderful experience and I was only supposed to be driving the car between mountains, but the fates conspired to see me on the top of Scafell Pike with Rosie just as the sun was coming up at 4am on Sunday morning. We both hugged and cried a little. I remembered standing on the same spot with my dad 38 years previously. Sometimes a good cry is exactly what you need!


I will pray for both of your lovely parents and for the strength for ur family's. My mom came out of hospital on Monday following the whippe operation and we know we are blessed to have her with us. I will be planning to fund raise for this cruel disease and as a nurse I will be trying to help people recognize the symptoms now! Remember your loved ones will always be there and signs will always come through to let u no they are with u xx god bless


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