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Happy Easter or happy holidays to everyone.

Thanks for all your support and useful contributions which help enormously.

I've had two Gemzar treatments and will have the third on Tuesday. Then a week off.

I'm coping quite well,few days of nausea and feeling tired, my hair is falling out more than on the fulfirinox. Of course I don't really care what the side effects are, as long as it helps.

I've just finished reading Lance Armstrongs book " it's not about the bike" a wonderfully inspiring read. He has a foundation called livestrong and the website has a lot of information and inspiring people. It covers all cancers.

I may get quiet sometimes but you are always in my thoughts, my positive prayers.

Love and hugs to all,

Maz xxxxx

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Hi Maz, have been thinking of you, pleased you are coping quite well on gezmar treatment, keep strong. All the very best. Lorna XX


Hi I'm new on this site,and not affected by pc but my Dad is.

And want to tell all who start chemotherapy with Gemzar and are afraid of side effects -dad undergone his third session -and absolutely nothing, normal appetite,not nausea -not a thing!

Apparently there is large group of patients who don't experience side effects, I wish all of you fighting this horrible disease to win with it, never give up and believe YOU might be the one who improve surviving statistics.



My husband has been through almost 5 cycles of Gemzar with no side effects except for some lack of energy. He has gained 10 pounds since beginning chemo. It's great.


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