Pancreatic Cancer Action

Welcome to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Blog!

Welcome to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Blog!

Hello everyone,

This is the first blog of many we at Pancreatic Cancer Action (PCA for short) will be making in this area.

Our aim is to use this blog to update you on our news and also bring to you the latest news on pancreatic cancer we find in the media and in the academic press that we feel may be useful to you all.

Of course if you have found something you feel others should know about, please post it in the Community blog area and where possible include a link to the item you refer to. The blogs in the community area are supposed to be chatty, informal and supportive of others and we are sure you will help us by following the guidelines.

Do let us know if there is something you would like to see done a little better or indeed if we are doing well (a pat on the back is always good for morale!)

Together by sharing our knowledge and experiences we can support one another going through a diagnosis for pancreatic cancer. But it's not all about the patients - carers, family members and friends can use this as a place where they too can find advice and support or just feel better in the knowledge that there is someone out there who has been through this too.

We at PCA aim to 'change the numbers' for and support people with pancreatic cancer. With your help we can achieve this - so off you go & blog to your heart's content!


Founder & CEO Pancreatic Cancer Action

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Hi Ali

Well done for setting this up. This looks like it could be a really useful forum for those of us who suffer from Pancreatic Cancer and also those who look after the sufferers. The time of the initial diagnosis can be a very lonely one and to have access to the experiences of others who have gone through it can only be positive.

Good luck in building up the community.



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