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Fear misdiagnosed

Hi I have been unwell since march this year unexplained weight loss,nausea which is severe,right side rib pain going over too back,fatigue,I had bloods done and was refered too GI consultant who ordered a ct colonoscopy with contrast a chest ct and endoscopy which showed mild gastritis ,now I continue with the above symptoms my gp has been in touch but the GI consultant says he doesn't think I've pancreatic cancer !! My mother died of this age 52 ,I've pushed but he said on a letter that was giving me my ct chest results " I now have the results of your ct chest which were entirely normal which proves you don't have cancer this is good news" also I asked if my pancreas was evaluated on ct colonoscopy and he said the radiologist said that all the upper solid abdominal viscera were normal ,I truly feel that I haven't been properly evaluated for PC and even after gp emailed him saying my symptoms were becoming worse he said he won't see me till the 29 th august 2014 !!! And that a line has too be drawn on the amount of testing and he feels I've a obsession with having cancer !!!! This is a living hell I feel helpless what more can I do ? I've pushed and the above test were all done in a 6 week period but still he says I don't have pancreas cancer without confirming if they've actually seen enough on ct too rule it out I am continuously I pain on dihydrocodiene 90 mg a day ,anti sickness weights dropping I feel too sick too eat ,I am in hell and all alone with this situation!.

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You need to insist on a CT scan of pancreas it's the only way of diagnosis and then depending on the results a biopsy, if required. I wish you all the best.


Thankyou for your reply I will be very insitint on a proper evaluation even though my consultant gastro says a don't have pancreas cancer he based this conclusion on the ct colonoscopy which he says views the abdo organs .he either CTS the pancreas and or a EUS .


Dear Suzanne - a colonoscopy is unlikely to show pancreatic cancer. Have they done an abdominal ultrasound?

To properly determine (or not) that you may have pancreatic cancer you will need to have a contrast-enhanced CT scan of abdomen -not the chest. Your GP cannot order this directly, but can refer you to a specialist who can order the scan. Perhaps it would be an idea to ask the GP to refer you to a different consultant?

You should stress your family history of pancreatic cancer with each doctor you see.

Good luck with it all and I hope you get this resolved as soon as possible.



Hi Suzanne,

I am in a similar situation. I have been feeling unwell for 3 months now, with abdominal and back pain, and losing weight. However, all my results have shown normal, and doctors see no need for further tests. They have done a contrast-ehanced CT as well as blood tests, which have showed nothing.

It would all be very good if I didn't have these symptoms - pain under ribs radiating to the back, especially after I eat or when I lay down, feeling of undigested food long after I eat + weight loss. Please update us on what you found out.

All the best!


did you ever find out, my husband was of the same symptoms and they kept telling him he was cancer free, even after pet scan.  He hand no tumor markers so did not show on blood either.  Until finally they did another MRI which showed on pancreas.  did biopsy and it was PC. :(  But took them 10mths to find.  scan after scan MRI.  I hope this is not the case with you but keep insisting.  I hope you did.  I do see this post is old.  My husband just finished chemo and is doing radiation with chemo pill and is hopefully on his way to some remission for how long I dont know....  But still suffers with gastritis that is what brought me here looking for pain relief still.....


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