Pancreatic Cancer E Petition on Facebook - please share the link x

Here is a link to a page on Facebook where people can sign up to the Epetition. Great progress has been made in the last few days but we need to try and get some momentum going on this to ensure we get the required 100,000 signatures. If anyone is able to share on Facebook that would be fantastic. Thanks Maggie xx

4 Replies

  • Lots of Tweets and Facebook shares today.....think we got about 100 signatures today !

  • got friends sharing link on facebook and twitter xxxx

  • Thanks for sharing the link Kelley, great result today, over 120 signatures ! xxx

  • Hi. Best of Luck with this Important Petition. I no So many people who would love to sign it but hav NO idea of how to do it on line- or don't even hav computers. Seems such a pity wen every signature must count. Good Luck anyway.

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