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Here we go

well, here we go, on the slippy path

My pain doctor has prescribed gabapentin, gradually increased dose over the next ten days, felt a bit bog eyed this morning and couldn't wake up. On the plus side only woke once with pain, I suppose its just a case of "suck it ans see" he also mentioned doing aanother facet joint injection using something different and also suggested a visit to "the bone doctor's"as he put it. Oh er!!!

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The Pain Clinic - prescribed that for me too. I didn't get on with - was rather comatose with only one tablet, was supposed to build it up to 6 per day. I couldn't function on it. But remember we are all different and some seem to find it very useful. :)


Hi, I am on pregabalin , I started with 25mg but it was done very gradual,increasing 25mg every 3/4weeks until I reached 200mg except for having a decent nights sleep I haven't felt bad unless I miss a dose,then I become (very anxious )so I guess if I come off it ,it will need to be done very slowly . Hope you feel ok


Hi, I take 200 mgs of pregabalin per day, down from 300 when I first came out of hospital in November, it seems to do the trick, no weight gain etc. Hang on in there and keep positive. Williams 38


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