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New here... Where to go when whole body is all PAIN :(


I am new here... the past few years have been horrible especially the past 2 going on 3 years, severe back issues, tested positive 3 times for ANA & ANA Titer, saw Rheumatologists told me she found nothing that was worth proceeding with, so a now I have more pain 8-9 range, my arms have weird marks that show up for no reason, I have pain besides my back that shoots everywhere but never in the same place (arms,feet,hands,everywhere). I also have IBS w/ Constipation & D... My anxiety has gotten so bad that i now have panic attacks... MY WORK treats me like crap because of all this.. Was 11 months using my 22 down days for days when i can't work.. I begged to please leave me 11 months, he changed me to 12 months... So very very depressed and not getting a ton of support.. Sorry for the rant and the length. Thanks for listening,


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Try both chiropractor and Alexander Technique teacher.

Medical profession have very little understanding of muscle behaviour can lead to pain issues. It is worth investigating the above to see if they can be helpful in your situation. Any reduction in pain could vastly improve quality of life.

I have not tried a Chiropractor yet, I did do 7 day surgeries over a span of last summer June to October (3 steriod shots, 2 medial blocks, and 2 nerve burns) no relief, however i am not wondering if in doing the nerve burn didn't work what nerve did he burn? I will look into the Alexander Technique I have never heard of that before...

Thank you for the advice i can use all i can get right now...

Physical therapy is a good place to start.

I also have shooting pain in my limbs, it’s just my back pain traveling through my body.

I’ve also had good results with acupuncture every 2 weeks

PT is good and I have done both PT and Pool PT but with all the pain getting worse it is so hard to come home after work and then do my PT, especially when i get home and my pain level is an 8... Acupuncture i do not know alot about that so not sure... Thank you so much for the support and help... :)


Welcome ur avatar by the way :). Have u thought about acupuncture/chiropractic or medical marijuana? Sending a gentle hug ur way.. to say welcome AND everyone is here to help :)

kellyplewis66 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for the support, yes my avitar is our 2nd Husky pup, he is red, our first is black and white.. Not pups anymore they are 60 lb. dogs who love to run the house and knock things over... LOL

I appreciate the support and now i am seeing a 2nd rheum. everyone keeps telling me to go to Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.. waiting to see what the New doc comes up with.

Hello, I realize this post is older but I’m curious how your doing and do you have psoriasis or family history of psoriasis?

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