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Scary experience with TENS

('m having quite Severe right-sided sciatica and some on the left., I have been using my TEHS today at the fop of the muscles at the rear of my thighs., Sometime this gave me acuter pain in my vullva - althjough tthis settled eventually-- with support. I'm also scared of being unabl5 to type almost a single word without a mistake. Could this be due to0 my gabapemti, to which I often overreact to even 100mg with either severe vlsual disturbances, illusions or hallucinatiions..--I really feel I;m going msd!!

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Think see gp re Gbapentin and the tens problem x


Hi missrat,

Its no nice when the treatments fight back.

TENS. May be a good idea to try a different location for the pads. Try putting them on your buttocks nearer the point the sciatic nerve is outside the spinal column. (nerves are in the spinal column and then split into left and right and sit on top of the sacrum). It sounds like the impulses are travelling along a nerve. Maybe have a bigger gap between the pads too. Start with a lesser strength and build up to a toletable strength.

The meds will cause such symptoms and it may just be a case of you and your body getting used to them. Maybe start with a lesser dose and build up to your recommended dose over time. If it remains troublesome see if theres something else you can take.

I found a bit of Ibuprofen gel helped to numb the buttocks and lessen the pain. You will need to check you can use it with the gabapentin. Failing that, a good dose of deep heat could settle things down. I know its for muscle pain, but if gently massaged over your buttocks, it might loosen the muscles a bit.

Good luck. Don't be scared. Keep safe.


Hello missrat

Sorry you are having problems with TENS, your pads need to be on the ccocyx or above on the last or second last disk and down your leg on the outside of the thigh, use the mode of the unit that has less sting with my machine it is modulation 2. The A lead is the one with a white line down the side of the wire the black lead is the B wire, place the white lines wire on the ccoyccx or slightly above a say 2 inches, control the Tens so you just feel the sensations.the black lead goes on the thigh on the outside of the muscle several inches below your buttock

A further block can be put on the thigh and knee for the sciatic nerve 3/4 inches below the B lead, follow the same format use the second A lead with white line then stick the B lead just above the knee on the outer part of the thigh. Do not let the machine run to hard and keep the treatment low enough just too feel the tingling sensation. Pain control say I understand can run up to three hours, change the modulations several times say to modulation 2 or one of the burst settings, keep the controls low so you need to feel the tingling as low as possible

so that you just feel it, this will disrupt the pain signals,

If you are still having problems see the GP

Also please go back to the doctor with regards the meds no one should suffer bad contra indications that are so pronounced see the GP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

All the very best



When I used TENS it could sometimes create pain rather than block it if I had it turned up too high. It's hard to find a happy medium sometimes but having it on a lower setting helped. Also not having it on the constant setting all the time but switiching to the pulse setting every now & again stops your brain getting too used to it. Also found that if I placed it and then moved about it could hurt. Hence having to get up early to fiddle around with it before going to work. But when it worked well it was good.


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