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Hi i have ossification of the iliolumbar ligament does anyone else have the same condition


Hi i have suffered for years with low back pain due to a scoliosis from the sacriliac joint area. recently been told i have ossification of the iliolumbar ligament which has caused unbearable pain in my right hip. does anyone have the same and how to try and manage it to try and improve my quality of life as beginning to restrict my movements

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What has the doctor told you with regards to this have you been to a pain clinic, are you a have pysio.

Ossification I understand is bone that has grown in the lower spine this will eventually lead to the spine to thicken and the nerves will be pressed together an cause pain to be transmitted down a leg/thigh for example sciatica Also in will be uncomfortable to sit and you will need to keep moving, while you relax

Personally I have nerve damage in the lumber region and I can have sciatica that can last for several months at a time.

Management is the use of TENS as a nerve block and medication for pain and neurological pain, some manipulation may reduce the breaking down of bone etc.

Basically you would be advised to see the doctor, if the pain is bad you will need a pain clinic to assist you in performing certain types of treatment that you may have to undertake in the future. Gentle exercise may help to keep the disk, joint moving this will help in keeping the spine moving and prevent more damage, or slow it down

You really need to see your GP as an early start me be good to facilitate more movement of the spine

All the best


To keep as mobile as possible I would suggest seeing a sports physio. They are are very good at locating and treating sources of pain. Although private, they only recommend a few sessions and you can ask for an exercise regime to follow at home, that will keep the area as mobile as possible.

And as Bob says, pain clinic, gp are a must so you understand what options are out there for you. It also gives you a chance to try a few therapies.

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