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Hello again,

looks that I will be moving sooner than I thought, so Sunday start packing I will move into my little cottage full time for a while before making any more decisions regarding future.

When I move out I will loose my hydro bathroom and all my health aid bits and pieces so even here I will start all over again and If I stay here I will need to add an extension on or look for another address, it is all starting to get me down as my disability now is getting worse and they where going to up date my old bathroom as I cannot now use bath and shower without assistance as I get stuck and panic.and cannot reach all the bits

Now I realize how much I have to rely on other people and I am really independent minded, so now I suddenly feel that my feet have been kicked out from under me, and time is so short, they want us out in two weeks time.

Suppose we all feel this when in our type of conditions and society cannot understand the problems we have in performing actions that they find so easy. Many of us that mix in a healthy society, have to plan our day in more detail, especially if we have to use public transport or walk short distances to our destinations. Hence our blue badges and walking aids etc

All I am trying too say is our lives are so dependent on different things that able bodied can never understand, and the strength of character that we all need to show to a healthy world as we are always on show.to a less understanding society.The saying goes :You like our lives?. do you want our disability: comes to mind

My feelings now is sadness and fear, my house is a family home and the house has been designed about me, so I can remain independent and allows me to compete in this less than perfect world

All the very best, may we all become stronger in dealing with a questioning society


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good luck bob hope everything works out for you


Hope you soon get the new place sorted. All the very best to you


Hello Bob, it's all a big darn upheaval that you could do without, but................ once it is done and you get moved you can start planning and setting up your new home. I did what you are doing, left my lovely home for a pensioners bungalow....... broke me heart, but............ it's cosy now, could not use the bath or the shower, was back to a bowl and a bucket lol then social services came, they gave me a swivel seat over the bath so I could get a shower.... Bob it was wonderful, there were other things to help as well.

You will get through this, tears and laughter.... don't worry about your mind, it is very busy at the moment, has a lot of positive stuff that needs to be dealt with, and some of it will slip through the gaps, it's just natural.

This is going to be hard but do-able..... keep your eye on the future Bob.... you are building a new one, and have lots of valuable experience to draw from.

Wishing you well, and good luck...

Go easy on yourself Bob



Hello all

Thanks for the encouragment packing boxes today

All the best all



Moving is one the most stressful things. It must be so much harder when you are being forced to move and don't really want to. We set our lives up the best we can in order to cope, so I can see it is a big deal for you to lose your hydro bath.

I hope the move goes OK and you settle in soon.


Good luck with the move Bob, I can imagine how you feel as I am exhausted just thinking about moving to be near my daughter. One day I am all for it and the next I can,t imagine how I will get it organised. I have decided to wait until the warmer weather is here and make a decision as to whether or not to go ahead.

You are very brave and I wish you all the best in your new home. Ann


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