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My mum suffers so much pain

Why is it every time we go to doctors tell them , nothing happens.

Now she fell down and why is it every time they change her medicines she falls .

Why can't they stop my mums pain ???

Sometimes I think they just ain't got a clue & just mess us around by saying its this & that

But yet she keeps falling every time they change her med ,

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Pain is not an easy thing to control with medication or any other way. Most people with chronic pain are never pain free. Unfortunately drs are not interested as there is no clear cut way to a cure, and something that might help someone may not help another person even if its the same condition.

Is your Mum older and could be reviewed by a Geriatric specialist?

can you ask her dr to refer her to a pain clinic? there she will learn different ways to control her pain and also have some physio and occupational therapy input.

Make an appt with a pharmacist and go over all your Mums meds. Quite often the can fill in the details that gps don't know. Find out what each med is for, how it interacts with the others, what happens with long term use, any side effects etc. Then ask if there are alternatives that are more effective, less damaging etc. Once you understand how they work you can discuss alternatives with the gp.

The gp can refer your Mum to social work who can assess your Mum at home. They suggest changes to make life easier, supply equipment etc They will also suggest care options if they think it necessary. They may suggest a day centre where staff can assist with physio, etc.

You need to build up a network of family and friends to help you care for your Mum. Especially if you think she needs someone there just in case. Thisgives you a break. You need to look after yourself too.


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