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I'm not looking for sympathy, just need to let off steam & feel miserable. (You can stop reading now if you wish).

Had injections & two partial nerve blocks at pain clinic today. Feel like I have been slapped round side of head with a wet fish and had a pencil poked in eye. Had to take annual leave for the pleasure. Now in a fog that the whirligig of codydramol brings. Feet got soaked & frozen on way to appointment thanks to my shoes growing snow-shaped holes. Doctor says to give gabapentin another try. She's right. Can't have another week of electric teeth like the last one.

Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow I will get back on my bicycle - the metaphorical one, I think I will be dangerous to other road users if I get on the real one - and start again.

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oog gosh I know what it is like to be in pain.. Gabapentin should help may be dose needs increasing?. in waiting for possiblr injection into elbow joint and heel aagh x


I think my internet connection is coming out in sympathy because I keep getting locked out of Healthunlocked & everything is going wonky on the computer. Or maybe it's my brain. I should just give up and put the kettle on instead.


oooh I feel for you..heres to a brighter tomorrow..and yes give gabapentin a go or another go..I did and this time it has relieved some of my leg pain ..enough to improve my walking :))


Oh dear I feel for you I'm in pain must of the time, I really hope you feel better soon :-)


Good idea, put the kettle on. I walked all of a ten minute walk to the post office yesterday and it knackered me for the day. I actually had to go for a lie down which is the first time ever during the daytime. I don,t want to be in my own company on day,s like this. I feel like putting a sign around my neck saying " Do Not Talk To Me!!" Let us both hope for a better day today. Have to do some shopping so once again am having to buy shares in my local taxi company.

Tara a bit, Ann


Sorry for your pain

When things like this start happening, and life is a bitch, you have to remember that if you can complain about it you are still alive and kicking, as suggested above have a cup of tea and a fist full of chocolate, biscuits and if required let rip.

Chronic pain is really a negative place to be, and when on this site we all know about it, support will always be given on this site, although pain is such a personal thing that many cannot understand if fit and healthy. On the positive side of life we are made stronger than the fit and hearty and means, it can be character building in many others eyes.

Good luck tomorrow may be better, under that premise it can be something to look forward to

Good luck, keep taking the tablets



Still feel vile - who needs gabapentin with its dizzying side effects when you can feel like this anyway?! Need to wait a couple of weeks before trying the meds again, to let the botox settle in - this usually takes a week or so. I think it's the botox that's making me feel so horrible, this happens sometimes. And I always go flakey after nerve blocks too.

Ann, please can I have a borrow of your "Do not talk to me sign"?

Bob, all I want to eat is biscuits, which is not like me so I know I'm poorly.

Have decided, if still like this tomorrow, I am NOT going to work (must be really poorly). That means I will definitely be better tomorrow, because today I am still on annual leave, and I am only ever ill in my own time. (I used to get all the big illnesses like chicken pox in the school holidays when I was a kid).

On the plus side, eldest child came home from secondary school, took one look at me and VOLUNTEERED to fetch youngest child from school in return for nothing, so I let her. What's she after?


Get your doctor to try pregabalin not gabapentin it's the newer drug less side effects and is hugely better that Gabapentin, make sure he gives you a starting dose of 75mg twice daily as the doses are quit different between the drugs. x sue


Thanks Sue. I tried pregabalin before and had the most dreadful dizziness - worse then gabapentin, and hallucinated! It must just be me, I go funny with a lot of the drugs, gabapentin seemed to be the lesser of several evils. I've heard that increasing the dose very, very slowly can help too, something that I wasn't told about the last time.


Hope you feel better soon xx Having a bad day pain wise because I dared to go out with my daughter yesterday to lunch and a bit of shopping for my son's birthday, sofa day and lots of pain killers today. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you x


Thanks, it's easing off but I am shattered! also did some shopping the other day but had to come home early. Decided that this didn't matter - at least i had done some shopping, and then had a bit of time to sit and relax. I think this is getting the best of both worlds.

Sorry you had some pain, but it's good you went out for lunch and spent time with your daughter - I think it's better to get on with things as well as you can, rather than to miss out on trips out altogether.


May your pain pass quickly.

It takes so much more effort to bat the ball when pain and cold are on the menu. I find I have to do at least one little thing a day. or I get the black dog.

Thanks for sharing your journey. We never know what's around the next corner. Who would have thought teenager would volunteer for anything without a reward in sight.

Must be your good training.



Well, she's not quite a teenager yet, there's plenty of time for the moody grunting and door slamming to really take a hold.

A whole pack of black dogs has been barking at my heels this week. I keep throwing them sticks to chase.


Ask GP for Methocarbamol. Works better than nerve blocks and epidural


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