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Pain Relief at Christmas - the Grandchildren

Despite quite a social merry-go-round Christmas was trying because of neuropathic pain. Not the easiest when being a host when all you wanted to do was to sit in that relaxing chair which gives some relief. Boxing day though - not a good day - till the grandkids came. Though they settled down with videos etc even their presence reduced the pain levels. Friday was an awful day - till later we went to them. The pain went only to return when entering home. What a therapeutic effect they have.

Best wishes for a reduced-pain New Year

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Nothing like a dose of children to shove the pain out of pole position for a bit.

May then new year bring some and diversion from the pain.


Interesting that the children divert your pain. Maybe a video of them playing or singing might divert you on the days they are not around.


Despite being a wondeful distraction, do you find it difficult to play with the grandchildren if they play on the floor? I have to make ours sit at the table to play with them, or do colouring and then its great!


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