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Help with diagnosis ideas

I have bunions, cavas feet, arthritis in my toes, and pain in heels. I also have IBS, and pain in the joints of my fingers and my wrists. GP says maybe hyper mobility syndrome, but I don't meet the criteria totally. I wonder about Charcot Marie tooth. I have had blood tests for RA which are negative. Anyone else got this combination and have a diagnosis.? Might I just be unlucky with three separate problems- hands, feet and guts? Thanks for any thoughts.

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I don't have the gut issues (especially now I don't eat carbs to control my Insulin resistance, it makes me now think I have had gluten problems for a long time!!) but I have lot's of similar issues you mention such as ONE badly swollen bunion, one finger that's "wonky" back pain in various places, cricked neck, one knee that sounds like a machine gun going off....etc, etc. every so often things "flare up" and only some of those flares bring new permanent problems, most aren't severe, but some are - I have a dislocated hip which has become arthritic, so that's the only joint that "mechanical damage" is to blame for, and my lower back is damaged and arthritic as a result of the mechanical problems that the hip has brought... NO RA showing on several tests over the years either, yet my mother has it... not come up with an actual diagnosis for mine either, and as I take NSAIDs for the other issues, no Doctor seems too bothered about finding the problem, probably on the basis that I am disabled, and that's the overall problem!

I suppose it is some sort of arthropathy of one form or another (of MANY!), but how to get a definitive diagnosis, is something that has evaded me too!


Could be lupus. See and search lupus. It has a huge list of symptoms and they vary from person to person. Its very hard to diagnose.


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