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Who gets foot pain?

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I wake up every morning with pain in my feet. Like I have been walking all night.

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I think it’s also got to do with poor blood circulation,

That's all I need. But thankyou.

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Darkin in reply to Lonely3190

If your feet are warm to the touch then the blood supply must be good.

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Lonely3190 in reply to Darkin

They sometimes are warm or they get really tingly or I have pins and needles more.

I had same. Can't remember what doc' called it . But she told me to get something like a rolling pin & whilst sitting roll my instep pressing down a little back & forth. Magic😁 it worked. Something to do with stretching the tendons. Try it, hope it helps. You can look up foot pain on Google & it will show you if I remember rightly.

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Lonely3190 in reply to Muglow

The doctor told me to do some exercises with them.

I have a lot of foot pain and mine is getting worse , swellings etc . It’s a nightmare . I find soaking my feet in a bowl of water , quite hot , helps me to supple them a bit, I then dry them and smother good foot cream in by massaging my feet too.

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Lonely3190 in reply to rabbits65

I will have to try that. But seeing the doctor anyway on Wednesday.

Hi lonely Have you got any other conditions. The nervous system is a complex array and it if it's wires get crossed it talks the brain into some blundering cock ups.

I have nerve entrapments in a couple of places. The latest peripheral calamity is that my brain is under the impression that it must restrict the blood flow to certain toes. That thermal image shot is straight out of the bath. They never warm up, and the reduced circulation is leaving creeping necrosis. So my toes and very slowly dropping off despite the problem being a metre away in my spine.

The brain isn't necessarily perceiving the same issues as you.

or maybe you're just a chronic sleep Walker with a poor judge for suitable shoes.

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Lonely3190 in reply to Labrat80

I get like a pinched nerve near my right shoulder blade and I think I have high blood pressure.

Which comes first though, the high blood pressure (and from what antagonist) or the agitated nervous system? When I'm more stressed my fingers become crooked and misshapen as though I have advanced arthritis. Conversely mind exercises can reduce this and my renaulds, and the intensity of the signal in my nervous system. I even got on top of the disc in my neck with relaxation techniques so I dropped my tense shoulders and reduced tooth grinding. Remember the nerves are in the muscles so tension will compress them.I know this might sound a bit airy fairy but it worked for me despite my scepticism.

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Lonely3190 in reply to Labrat80

The high blood pressure was first.

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