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Prozac Brand, Pain, and Prescribing Issues

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I was recently on this brand of Fluoxetine in England, which helped massively with my pain for the first time in years. It has now been discontinued in England and I am struggling with the pain again. I am not receiving any support to have this brand prescribed to me as much as I have tried.

Does anyone know what I can do?


Fluoxetine was recommended to deal with pain associated with withdrawal symptoms from paroxetine (prescribed for mental health) some years ago.

2 consultants (pain consultant and mental health consultant) have recommended or have been in support of me regaining the medication but the GP and Pharmacy refuse.

Please help.

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Peer: Do you know the reason Fluoxetine was discontinued in England? I’m in the U.S. & my MDS recently prescribed it. I haven’t decided yet, but would be interested in knowing whatever problems may have been serious enough to cause it to be discontinued.


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Peer1 in reply to Cjbro2000

It's a money thing. There are so many generics available for cheaper now. That's all. Fluoxetine has not been discontinued, just the Brand Prozac or fluoxetine has.

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Cjbro2000 in reply to Peer1

Thanks. I hope you figure a way to get the medication you need.

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Peer1 in reply to Cjbro2000

Thank you.

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stones93 in reply to Peer1

Generic drugs have the same active component in the same concentration as the brand name drug and therefore act in the same way. They are all tested before being allowed onto the market to ensure they do work in the same way and are safe to use.Often it's the packaging and look of the tablet/capsule that are different.

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Peer1 in reply to stones93

Unless you have a response to my question, please do not reply in an attempt to educate me between the differences of brand and generic drugs.

I would truly appreciate that as you may kot realise, but your comment was deeply hurtful to me.

Thank you.

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Hi Peer1

I understand that your unsure exactly why your GP and Pharmacy are no longer dispensing you Prozac and find that generic fluoxetine isn’t working for you. I don’t think that stones93 meant any disrespect to your situation but was trying to say that the non-branded variants of drugs are genetically the same medication utilising the same drug.

I noticed from your post that you reside in England. Have you heard of the service PALS? The Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) offers confidential advice, support and information on health-related matters. They provide a point of contact for patients, their families and their carers. You can find your local office by running a search on:

Hope this information helps :)

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