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amitriptyline and pregbalin



i take 75mg amitriptyline which doesnt help nerve pain anymore,gp suggested pregabalin instead 75mg twice a day

i was told to stop amitryptiline completely and no need to wean off

so yesterday i stopped amitryptiline and started pregablin today

does it sound right that i just stop and not wean off

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I would speak to your GP over the phone, but it maybe that they are both antidepressants and one will negate the other with regards to any possible mental health problem from withdrawal, so maybe there’s no need to wean you off. Check with your doctor by leaving a message with the receptionist and asking for a callback.

bazzy1 in reply to Neckback

thanks alot

I take both pregabalin 600mg a day and 75mg amitriptyline at night. They help with my nerve pain. Amitriptyline is an anti depressant and pregabalin is a anti seizure They work on nerve pain combined

You dont have to be depressed or have seizures they just work for me

I have been taking Amitriptyline for the past 15 years, it is a different drug than Pregablin - they are not like for like. It doesn't sound right to stop taking that level without a taper (particularly from the level you are taking). I would contact your GP

bazzy1 in reply to luckeysl


Your pharmacist might be able to give you advice about this , mine has always been very helpful

I would second talking to your community pharmacist. They know more about drugs and how they interact (or not) than many GPs do.

bazzy1 in reply to cyberbarn


I was on pregabalin for about 3yrs.but it stopped working for me & started giving me side effects.I am now taking Nortriptyline which seems to be having a good effect after a months use

Pregabalin are good for pain but give me stomach problems and gain a lot of weight on stomach I was on very low dose

Every GP has his own thought processes when it comes to prescribing different medicine.

Maybe have another chat with your GP so you are clear on this issue.

Hi Bazzy1 I take 600mg Pregablin and 75mg Amitriptyline and 8 co-codamol a day and have done for nearly 10 years now for nerve pain I would check with either the Pharmacist or your Doctor my GP has always said i should start on a low dose and also come of either of these in small increments and agree probably start with Pharmacist as they are very knowledgeable on drugs. Good Luck

Chance15 in reply to vivikin

Hi vivikin I’m being nosy and noticed you take co- codamom,it’s ok I was told to stop taking them of pain specialist as it wud interact with my pregabalin.I also suffer with back pain and the medication I have don’t stop the pain which co-codeamin did help.I will have to av a chat with my doctor about going back on them.

Ignore my bad spelling I think they call it brain fog.

vivikin in reply to Chance15

Hi Chance, Idon't think you are being nosey at all i will share my problem to see if it helps with your conversation with your doctor so ten years ago i started experiencing leg pain after a year of different treatments it was discovered that i had a cyst on my spinal cord so had surgery to remove it but this left me with the same leg pain, as now i had nerve damage doing exactly the same as the cyst was, i had several different treatments including Ketamine and Lidocaine infusions and even a spinal cord stimulator and unfortunately none of which has worked so i am still in a lot of pain if i don't take my mix of medication every day my consultant from the pain clinic is the one who worked out my medication and my GP is the one who has continued to prescribe it to me and it all works well together but i personally think the Co-codamol is key to my pain relief, we have over the years tried to gradually decrease the doses but my pain just becomes unbearable so i stick with it as it is and life is better. I hope some of this information helps. Kind Regards

Chance15 in reply to vivikin

It’s those of us what suffer 24/7 with pain what we go through.I often say to doctors this is not living its surviving.Let’s hope and pray for a miracle.😀

vivikin in reply to Chance15

Hi Chance you are absolutely right it isn't living

Hi bazzy1 , I take pregabilin 300 mg twice a day for nerve pain so I would ask your GP about increasing your dosage. I would not just stop taking amitriptyline I would weed of but ask your GP.

thanks to you all i appreciate your replies.spoketo gp again she said its fine to stop amitryptiline and has increased pregablin to 300 a day.feel lousy but thats her advice

have decided to take amitriptyline and gently wean off over few weeks,then start on the pregabalin slowly. my gp is unhelpful i cant get through to the pharmacist been trying all day.just going to take it slowly im sure thats the best way forward

I gradually increased Pregabalin now on 500mgs a day and nerve pain a lot better I can now sleep comfortably. Worth sticking to it.

bazzy1 in reply to Fern369

thankyou, gives me hope,when ive weaned myself off the amy i will start pregbalin.

Yea, Stopping that amount of Amitriptyline will make you feel unwell for a spell. Taking only one 25mg amitriptyline does have some withdrawal effects never mind 75mgs. I have taken 75mg Amitriptyline for more years than I remember and they still do have the same effect in putting me to sleep at bedtime. I go with the advice others in the forum propose in seeing a doctor or chemist for advice. Good Luck.

bazzy1 in reply to Stobban

thankyou its so helpful having others who understand.ive come down to 50mg and feel fine,apart from my leg pain, going to carry on week by week regardless of the pain until im ready to start pregabalin.

goldie64 in reply to bazzy1

Let us know how you are getting on. Have a happy Christmas

bazzy1 in reply to goldie64

thanks very much ,and you x

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