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Unethical Opiate reduction for Chronic pain patients



Dr. Thomas Kline, MD, PhD: Medical Myths Revealed

Hello to all this may concern,

You may or may not be aware of this GP/Advocate for Chronic pain patients.

Now, he consults from North Carolina - USA, but he has researched and discovered that the 'Opiate' crisis has been manufactured from false and unlawful information from the CDC ('Centers For Disease Control and Prevention) - Atlanta, Georgia.

If you are affected by this atrocity in taking our Opiate pain medication away from us, when we clearly need it to allow us a half decent quality of life without suffering in pain so needlessly and cruelly.

Firstly, watch his Youtube channel - I've inserted the link above - this gentleman is advocating for all Chronic Pain patients and getting the truth out there!

In a few of his videos he gives information of important/interesting reading to print if you are able - he suggests you let your GP read it.

Secondly, I've typed another website above which has been recently set up, is still in early days, and notifies us of the projects that are being dealt with.

This is definitely worth research, and we, as a Nation might just make a difference.

Please let me know what you think?

I'm not trying to give false hope to anyone, but I really felt I should share this with you all.

Take good care

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Great to see Dr Kline's work being recognised here. Been watching the opioid hysteria in the US and Canada, and seen it creeping in over here. We need to organise!

BTW, have you seen the recent NICE draft guidelines on primary chronic pain? Devastating!

tree-pagan in reply to waylay

Stop the Proposed Cruel Changes to Chronic Pain NICE GuidelinesHello Waylay, yes - shocking! I signed Claire Swains petition above, along with thousands of others. She has worked tirelessly and all whilst in pain.

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts


waylay in reply to tree-pagan

Been dreading it...

tree-pagan in reply to waylay

Stop the Proposed Cruel Changes to Chronic Pain NICE Guidelines

If you type in the above waylay it will take you to Claire Swaines page. Please share, share, share - let's just keep TRYING x

Loramay in reply to tree-pagan

Can you please give me the link to the petition so that I can sign it

tree-pagan in reply to Loramay


tree-pagan in reply to Loramay

Stop the Proposed Cruel Changes to Chronic Pain NICE Guidelines

I don't think the link I gave you before will work as you in the US. I've entered the wording above that will hopefully take you to her petition. Thank you so much for your kind gesture. We need to share and share and share🌍🌎🌏x

Loramay in reply to tree-pagan

Hi tree pagan I'm in the UK and I have signed it thanks

tree-pagan in reply to Loramay

😘 thank you

"Now, he consults from North Carolina - USA,"

It should be noted that he has lost his licence to prescribe. People need to be aware that Dr Kline's stance is not one that is recognised by most clinicians and researchers.

tree-pagan in reply to cyberbarn

Cyberbarn that is correct, and was a result of the wrongdoings of the subject that I am highlighting. Dr Kline is becoming more widely recognised due to his thorough researching and advocacy.

Okay, I am confused. I was in a pain clinic for 3 years. I had to be in the clinic in order to get my pain medication. After the 3 years, I was released from the pain clinic because I was stable with my medication. I can return at anytime if necessary. By releasing me, I am now able to get the same medication from my GP instead of a Specialist at the pain clinic. The Specialist visit cost $35.00 and my GP is $0.00. I might add that I am on a Medicare Advantage Plan.

What has taken place with pain medications that affects chronic pain sufferers?

Hi Texasbonnet, Thank you for taking the time to read my somewhat lengthy post.Does your GP prescribe you opiate painkillers?

I'm not an American citizen - I stay in Bonnie Scotland. I have been trying to do my own research regarding the wrongdoings of such 'life-line' prescriptions being taken away from most American States and has reverbated to us in the UK.

Hi there, I am 68% Scottish according to a DNA test. I take Tylenol 4 which is Tylenol and Codeine. Codeine isn't your strongest pain reliever. I have wondered if I need more aggressive treatment what would happen. I am retired so I don't have the pressures of having to go to work with pain. I did go to work with pain but it was much easier to control back then. I started using a wheelchair as it relieves me some.

The way legitimate pain clinics work in the US is you go in, you fill out paperwork and sign . You agree to get any pain meds from the clinic only. You will get a prescription for 1 month and you will return to clinic in one month. Each time you are tested for drugs. After several months of being tested they start doing the test randomly. Eventually they stop testing and you are then going only every 3 months. You get a prescription with 2 refills. The medication can only be picked at the pharmacy and, again you sign for it or it is mailed certified mail.

Once I had an appointment and I was out of my pain med. I had one or two pills from another drug that I had tried. That drug was Tramadol which was so useless, but I took it anyway. When I was asked had I taken my meds, I said no because I was thinking about the Tylenol/Codeine. My test came back showing Tramadol. When I went back, the dr asked about it and I explained what had happened. I asked if that would cause me problems. The dr said no and then explained that the government goes over the clinics records. The government thinks that if the drug or drugs don't show in your urine then it means an individual is selling their meds. Thank you for responding to my previous post.

Thank you texasbonnet for explaining in so much detail - I know how this can be mentally exhausting. 🥴

Thank you for sharing. No one should have to commit suicide because their muscle, bone, nerve, connective tissue pain isn’t managed. I pray things will turn and chronic pain patients have rights.

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