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Hearing loss due to blocked ear


Not pain exact but I have blocked ear. Wax I am told g p airily say they no longer offer this service so I have app with specsavers on Friday having lived with it for 3 weeks. Terrible tension headache and raging tinnitus. Any help out there please. I Feel at 80 and having struggled to London for hospital appointment in this state there must be a better way.

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Olive oil spray from a chemist called Earol. Use a directed. I suffer from these and it works well. Just use and work into the ear and massage. Don't use any earbubs or anything to get the wax out then go to the drs to get the ear looked at to see if you have an infection. Or anything else wrong with it.

I use for about a week it helps.

I get ear infections and perforation eardrums.

Daisy, this happened to me recently shortly after my private annual ENT appointment was cancelled due to Covid. I contacted the surgery who sent an urgent referral letter to the hospital ENT department and I was seen a couple of weeks later for microsuction, and what a relief to get my hearing back. I was advised to use bicarbonate of soda drops (available from the pharmacy) for a few days prior to the appointment. Ring your surgery, reminding them of your age and telling them about your head pain. They should refer you, or, if not, are you in a position to seek a private appointment which my friend had to do recently when her hospital waiting list turned out to be 6 months. Good luck.

GP surgeries no longer offer ear syringing because the research showed that the drops you get from the chemist work just as well if not better. So ask your chemist as others have suggested, and they should be able to help.

Darkin in reply to cyberbarn

Quailfied audiologists now use microsuction not available From Gp.

Terriffic procedure . Mine cost 60 quid for both ears. All wax removed with in 30 minutes.

I use hydrogen peroxide 3%-6% mixed with two parts water. All this does is introduce oxygen into the mixture which 'fizzes' when in your ear finding wax. This greatly speeds up the process and is much cheaper than Otex plus. which is the same thing.

Hope you find this helps,

Take care,


I had the same issue, after many appointments they found I had a perforated ear drum, I found for blocked ears, eye drops help, I cant remember what they are called but I got them from the GP as I have really sensitive ears, but that might be worth looking into.

I went about 6 months ago as my ears are blocked and they said he could not see my ear drums due to them hidden by wax! I still have the said wax and still cannot hear very well especially at work with background noise and the fans making so much noise!

Think I will go to the chemist to see what they say?

Darkin in reply to Carolsos

Forget chemist. Pay an audiologist examine and perform microsuction. Better and safer than syringing. Cost me 60 quid for both ears. Terriffic.

Thank you so much to everyone who replied to my troublesome ear wax problem. So much knowledge and experience out there. Just wonder why pharmacist did not offer Otex plus rather than the olive oil which made the whole thing worse. I will hold on for my specsavers appointment on Friday and hope it produces results. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks again. Daisy

Darkin in reply to Daisy2408

Probably microsuction . Very good indeed.

I had the same problem in both ears. Gp told me to use olive oil wich only made me completly deaf. Useless ! Tried a product called ' smart swab'. on ebay. Thought it was a con. but caretfully tried it . FANTASTIC. Removed all wax in seconds with much less discomfort than syringing.

The other procedure used nowadays is microsuction , much better than

syringing but have to pay Well worth it.

Daisy2408 in reply to Darkin

Thank you so much. Booked for suction on Friday but will make a note of your recommendation. Bloomin' olive oil has stopped hearing in affected ear completely. Pharmacist and nurse both said it would do the trick!

I found product on E bay called smart swab. Expected it to be a con.

How wrong was I . Fantastic removes all wax in minutes. No pain or slightest discomfort. Very gentle .Have a look.

Yes exactly. I was daft enough to treat both ears with olive oil as prescribed and went completly deaf in both ears !Fortunately there is an adiuologist in my town who saw me immediatly. Complete relief. 30 quid an ear.

Hi Daisy

Had this done couple of months ago.Had pain in ear for couple of months but with covid GP would not see me and ENT would be months before appointment.Managed to get appointment at Specsavers - has ears checked and told wax in both( I only had pain in one)Because it was compact she told me to use Eurex drops ( told me not to use olive oil ) for 5 days and come back.

Said it might get worse while using drops

Used drops and yes it did get worse ( think it’s drops softening wax) At one stage I could hardly hear on one ear.When I went back she used micro suction- didn’t take long and immediate relief. Cost £55 but well worth it.

Hello Erika. I know I put out a message to say Specsavers unable to help but sent me on to a clinic who syringed my ear and all well now. Maybe I sent message to wrong place but will follow your advice to see the clinic before any build up in future. Many thanks indeed. Daisy.

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