I hope i am not treading on anyone's toes, but i would like to start a face to face group for chronic pain sufferers

Hi my names Sharon and i have suffered with Chronic back pain and arthritis for 7 years. I would like to start a group up that meets maybe monthly or fortnightly for coffee, or something to eat.(any other ideas welcome)It could be used to voice your frustrations, tips, experience, or just a place to have a chat and a gossip Where you don't feel invisible or non believed because your pains not visible. If anyone is interested you can email me @ niamneon@gmail.com

thankyou for taking the time to read this.

regards Sharon

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  • Hi Shazita,

    this sounds like a great idea but the problem is that we are scattered far and wide across the UK plus i have seen a few from the USA. myself i am in Mansfield Nottingham and as i seldom go out would love to go along to any group whether it was to talk about pain problems or just for a coffee and a chat.

    If everyone who would like this idea could leave a message below with their location maybe we could start several local groups and see how it goes not sure where we could meet though. may be it is better to leave location at the end to make it easier to see.

    regards Poppy Ann.

    Mansfield Nottingham.

  • Maybe as another lady dziś we can have skype group

  • Hi I have a Facebook page called Getting Chronic Pain on the Map. I am trying to get cp talked about in the media. I'm also going to do a questionnaire about people's experiences and try and improve things. I am working with Pain Concern. Please feel free to join and help me

  • Hi i woUld love to help you with this as i have been trying for ages to do something, Our illness is invisible to people. I have been on Crutches sincę the begining of 2008 and didnt realise how ignorant some people. Can be. I am pushed, people try to walk through me, when i try to go down escalators i have had people jump in front of me the list goes on, so by helping you i can put my frustrationa to good usd as we could get so angry ourselves. I am in pain 24/7 and it was from a video that i saw, that for the first time i was able to describe my pain amd it is like having an annoying person attached to you 24/7 or a little man inside. Pulling an elastic band so u cM just About move

  • A very effective pill for pain is amiltryptine had migraine and arthritis pain in neck and head and it cured it all. Only down side is it gave me a very dry mouth and constipation. Worth a try cos maybe no side effects for others

  • Hello, we are doing exactly the same thing and trying desperately to get CP recognised for what it is! We also have a website called Chronic Pain Sufferers. It's great we are all banding together. I'm fundraising for Pain Concern in July and plan to carry on. It's my daughter who suffers.

  • If can help in any way let me know

  • Sorry didnt read properly, will join group so can help

  • I'd be interested, though at the moment I can't sit very long, so would need somewhere I could lie down - like a park, maybe? I'm in West London.

    - Kat

  • Thatts ok as i have donikąd problem

  • Hi Sharon will email you x

  • Ok i look out for you

  • Hi shazita sounds good to me..chronic pain needs a kick in xxxx

  • R u in Tennessee? Or do u mean skype,I live in Hermitage,Tenn.

  • Hi me again what area ..shazita are you at any way ??

  • Hi Sharon, that sounds like a good idea to me. Many people in pain find themselves isolated but of course not everyone can meet and we are from all over the world on this site. For arthritis there are many groups scattered all over the British isles and even some abroad. I live in the West Midlands and would be interested in a Chronic pain group. I already am in a group I attend regularly but not to do with health. I have arthritis in several joints,so pain is ongoing as are the treatments to relieve it. I wish you luck and let us know when any groups for this start up.

  • Yes I would like to meet up and live in London ! Let me know what's happening .Many thanks Sue

  • Hi all Sorry not been on for couple of days. London seems a good płace to meet up so miss l, louise, kat and katie if you can email me on niamneon@gmail.com please an let me know What areas we all live in an anyone else who sees this post an would like to join us(

    an spanish although think u haave emailed me, an i will answer.)

    Hopefully we can meet wthin the next couple of weeks. I font even mind sharing my number an herda to kiccking CP up the carsy

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