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Lots of pain during a Lumbar Puncture?


Hey guys, I have not posted for over a year but recently I got referred to the hospital after 2 years of headaches, raised optic discs, swollen optic nerves as well as all of my (still) undiagnosed chronic pain and sleep problems. At the hospital they decided that I needed a Lumbar Puncture to measure the pressure of the fluid inside my brain and spinal column. Yesterday the Lumbar Puncture took place with maximum amount of local anaesthetic they could safely give me but despite 3 attempts the procedure caused me so much pain that they could not complete it successfully. I feel as though I am going mad as I was told there should be no pain just small amounts of pressure during the procedure. Over a year ago I had the contraceptive implant put in my arm under local anaesthetic and at that time I felt it but I thought it was a weird fluke. Has anyone else had a similar experience with Lumbar Punctures or local anaesthetic?

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I had a lumbar puncture once and it was hell. I don't know why. I, too, was told there would be pressure, but no pain. as an aside, I hate to be touched by all humans (it drives my family mad), but the pain was so bad that when the nurse reached for my hand, I held on tightly, trying to distract myself. I was so worried about after the procedure, but that was fine. they gave me extra anaesthesia and I could barely breathe, tears were involuntarily coming. I never considered it could be the anaesthetic not working for me particularly, but whenever I have dental procedures they have to double up on the injections so I don't feel it. maybe we're odd?

Haven't had what you did. I had an epidural many years ago, but couldn't go through with it. Eventually, after painful attempts and sky high BP, they gave an anaesthestic instead. With the symptoms you describe, have you been tested for GCA...Giant cell arteritis? blood test would tell. Also see an Opthalmologist. May you be pain-free in 2019.

Hi honey

My husband had a lumber puncture last year as he had chronic headaches and I saw my strong husband scream in so much pain he shook and he had severe cold sweats.. he was in so much pain he said that hurt more than his headaches did...so Yeh a lumber puncture is extremely painful according to my husband so your definatly not on your own.


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