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Pain, pain go away!


I'm in pain already from going to "school" i called the clinic where I go to for my treatment. I go to dialysis 3 times a week for 3-4 hours or so. Then I had a pneumonia shot making it even worse. I'm in so much pain both arms. Sometimes I'm thinking how long I could still hold on this challenging trials on me? Its too much just thinking about it within my age, I'm on my late 30's. I have so much on my plate! Arghhhhhhh! Its making me crazy!

I'm thinking again why me? I keep on praying to Him to guide and help me. Can you help me what should I do. I'm starting to have self-pity again and its not helping. I felt like there's alot going through my body and I can't control it. Not a good feeling. I need a friend right now to give me advice what should I do.

Hoping that a miracle will come soon. I need a living donor for my kidney transplant. The thing that I don't like is waiting because you don't know what's gonna happen and tons of thoughts going through my head. I kept second guessing when? I can't wait for that day! Hope soon! I'm frustrated right now! I need more angels to help me battle this beast of life. I'm already tired to begin with. Help me!


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Hi Sonia.. sounds like your going through a lot right now.I don't know how you feel because Im not in your exact situation,but I'm dealing with my daily 24/7 pain and its making ME out of my mind today.I too try to figure out why me..cant I get a damn break ..Im here if ya just need to vent.Sometimes it helps.!?!?!?

Hopeful_kidney in reply to Hidden

Thank you!

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