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Sativex for neuropathic pain


I suffer with severe neuropathic pain in my hands which developed after surgery for cervical stenosis. None of the drugs I have had prescribed WORK but I believe sativex which is a mouth spray derived from Canabis could offer pain relief but I live in France and it is not available here. Does anyone know a good neurologist in England that I could see privately who might be able to prescribe this medical Canabis if I came back to the U.K.

I am English but live in France permanently. Thanks for any help.

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Medical marijuana is due to be legalized in the UK for certain conditions. It does mention chronic pain. Only specialists will be allowed to prescribe it. Check out the National hospital for Neurology in London. I saw a private neurologist there. Cost £260 who looked at my scans and said there was nothing wrong with my spine and wouldn't recommend surgery. I have an appointment at the pain clinic next month. I will bring up medical marijuana.

You could go to Amsterdam where medical marijuana is available.

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