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Visited the pain clinic in Avignon yet again yesterday and asked if now finally sativex has been licensed in France I could have a prescription for my severe neuropathy but no was told strictly only to be prescribed for people with MS.

Yet another door closed.

Research suggests sativex can help with neuropathic pain but only a doctor in a public hospital is authorized to prescribe it so no GP. or neurologist can.

Seems ridiculous to me that one can't have access to this drug just because it is based on canabis whilst so many drugs which have terrible side effects are easily available.

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I asked about it as morphine barely touches the pain and a friend who lives on the border of Wales and England gets 6 bottles a month. He takes it as a spray and he swears it works. I have approached my Dr and he has never heard of it (supposidley). All we can do is keep checking the N.I.C.E web pages to keep up to date. The biggest issue here in the U.K seems to be a pricing issue due to postcode lottery. In Bristol only a mere 5 miles away it cost a few quid for a month. Yet in North Somerset it rockets to near £900. The pricing information is on official documents is somewhere online.

vizzio in reply to Ade4272

Look up Medipen, it's cbd oil and contains no thc so is completely legal. I am finding it very effective in helping with my neuro pain and constant headache. It doesn't completely stop the pain, I dont think anything can do that but, it certainly makes it bearable. I'm still on my 1st cartridge and that's lasted a month so far so not too expensive. Hope you find some relief soon.

Suzyhayes in reply to vizzio

Can you tell me where you bought your Medipen and how much it cost. Do you think I could order one to be sent to my address in France. do you really think it can help with neuropathic pain?

Thanks for your advice.

vizzio in reply to Ade4272

Google Medipen and you will find their website, I'm sure if you contact them they will be able to help. The prices are all displayed but 1 cartridge is about £21 approx but that lasts over a month depending on how much you use it. I have constant pain and because of several suicide attempts declined any pain meds as I didnt trust myself to have them in the house. I used cannabis which helped but didnt like feeling stoned which is why I got the medipen, all the pain relief and relaxation without the stoned feeling. Good luck and I really hope they can help.

I live in the south of France so a day trip to London is not really feasible.

I tried canabis to smoke but it just made me feel sick.

Thanks for caring. How are you doing. Any improvement in your condition?

Thanks for advice Dan but if i came to London I would have to see a doctor privately who would be willing to prescribe sativex and then pay for it and I think it is extremely expensive so together with the cost of the journey, hotel etc it would be a very expensive trip and there is no guarantee it would be effective.

The doctor I see at the pain clinic is going to discuss my case with the senior consultant at the public hospital at a symposium next month so perhaps they will suggest something new. He mentioned the possibility of the electro stimulation device.

The thing is I am fully covered for my treatment here so I think I have to stick with the French medical service which in general is very very good.

Sorry you are not feeling better. All the best Suzy

I was thinking of going to Amsterdam for a weekend in March to try to track down some spray thc. My understanding is that spray is the more efficacious way to get the active ingredient into the system. The Dutch also seem to have cooperative relations with a lot of countries (obvs not uk!). It's a long way to Holland from France but I dare say there's an overnight lying down way to travel.... Is that something you'd consider Suzy?

Thanks Boozybird, that could be an option. Perhaps in the Spring we could make a trip to Amsterdam. I need to do a bit of research first.

Boozybird in reply to Suzyhayes

Suzy, check out this website: it has a lot of good info. And also: the truth about sativex. It seems that the pharmaceutical company uses the same 'recipe' for sativex as bedrocan (Dutch grower) who sells via the Dutch ministry under licence and both prescription and import/export licence required. So in other words not happening BUT it tells us which type we need and I'm wondering if it's possible to get it in one of their 'coffee' shops.... Sounds like it might be expensive tho. Classic pharma turning a plant relative of hops into a billion dollar drug!

Suzyhayes in reply to Boozybird

You are right. It's all about the money.


I get Sativex from a Dr at my hospital as part of an ongoing trial and it really does help so if you can get it from some where it is worth it .As for cannabis its wonderful stuff if your going to smoke it you should try a little at a time too much at first can result in what is known as a whitey... ie you go white and may be sick .hope you find some relief from somewhere Fiona

This interests me as it seems to suggest that pharmaceuticsl grade sativex ( or its exact equal) is available in Holland. I found this link via googling sativex. Like the uk, France doesn't seem to want to join the party but other European countries and Canada have some agreement to sell. Anyone know anything else about obtaining this aerosolised product?

I've e mailed someone I know in Holland to check out the availability of sativex there so I'll let you know if I get any information.

I nearly ordered one on line but had my doubts that anything without a prescription would work. Like the krantom which I tried but in the end only made me feel sick.

Still hoping to get the sativex one day but still not available. Isn't it crazy that I could easily get my doctor to prescribe morphine which is based on heroin but sativex based on canabis is strictly forbidden?

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