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Hi to all my diabetes 2 friends. I would welcome your comments and experiences that i got taken off and put on this diabetic drug. I have used Metformin for 6 years. It never brought my blood sugars down to the recommended level and 8-10 was average, any lower and I felt very ill. Anyway, the side effects of Metformin became so bad that I was taken off and put on Gliclazide. Much kinder to my insides 😊 and bringing my bs down to same levels as the Metformin so I am happy with it. However I have increased appetite and dizzyness. Don't know if related to the Gliclazide so would really welcome the experiences of others who have/are using this drug. Many thanks

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This medication may cause low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) which manifests as dizziness, weakness, drowsiness, headache, sweating, nervousness, shaking, tingling of the hands or feet, hunger, fast heartbeat.


HiHi, the gliazide will bring your lvls, bs lvl hi don’t mean (bull s~~~) lvls lol, I’ve been on the Glic and met, for yrs but when things went wrong and I was dying inside, I couldn’t take anymore of feeling dead, for want of a better word lol, I went to the drop in clinic and my nurse said it might be time for the insulin, ahhhhhhhh needles and more needles, out she pops with the INSULIN ahh, anyway I had about 4 units and sat here for 10 mins and bloody hell I could have run a marathon lol, I’m now on 2 types of insulin 5 injections and mettformin.

Once you start using insulin for a while you do need to use it permanently, I believe. But I’m ten times better than I was. I hope it helps. If not, oh well.

Thank you to Bananas 5 and Philip for your replies. I took my bs before lunch and it was 13. Felt dizzy this morning. So not low bs it would seem. My bmi and weight all within the healthy limits and blood pressure good. This is such a complicated disease 😕. It's rather depressing not having control.

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