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Lower Back Pain


i have very bad lower back pain .. i went to to a fair and their was a back specialist thier and had me come to his office because he said i was to your for my back to feel the way it did! so i went down and he took some X-rays and he asked me questions and he said that my L4 L5 was 65 or 75% gone

plus have these lumps in my lower back witch move around idk what they are!

what can i do for the pain and the limps?

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Hi, I would go to see my GP and tell them what you've been told and asl to be refered to the hospital and they are the best people to advise you. Take care x

I have many broken discs too. I had a surgery last August they replaced three discs in my neck and put in a titanium plate for support. I’m still in pain and on top of it I fell and broke two more discs in my back and hemorrhaged two more. What do you use for pain if you don’t mind me asking? Also have you had an MRI? I need surgery on the two lower discs I cracked in my back when I fell but I’m scared to death to have it after my neck surgery.

BG you do need to go to your GP and describe your symptoms and see what he/she has to say.

I don't know who the person was who advised you about your back but it seems rather non medical to say your vertebrae are 75% 'gone'. Vertebrae do suffer from wear and tear but being 3/4 gone is unlikely surely.

I would forget what he said and go to your own GP and take it from there.

Hope it goes well


I'm sorry you're having such a painful time. What were the qualifications of the man who assessed you? I'm assuming you're British (although obviously I could be wrong) and I think you definitely need to see your GP. They are the professional who can refer you to other services such as pain management, physio etc. Good luck with it!

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