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I have a chronic disease. I,m not lazy or crazy.I AM SICK. I have a real decease wheather you believe me or not. Its a chronic illness with no cure and few treatment options. i can,tdo all the things i used to do and what you expect to do now.I am in pain every minuteof hour of every single day. I struggle to just to get out of my bed and then stay upright on my feet. i hurt both mentally and physically.I NEED YOU TO SAY I BELIEVEYOU. susiejo1948

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Its OK you are safe here. No one here judges you as we all have pains in one form or another.

Do you want to tell me where you hurt? Or what your GP has told you? Do you take any medication?

Pat x

SusieJo1948 in reply to Bananas5

I( hurt all over i was dianosed with fibro in 1997. so i,ve pretty well tried everything. right i, on morfine 20mg every 12 hours and 2 a day 5mg. muscle relaxers. i take.zanaflex. i take antidepressnts cymbalta. i, tried it all . sometimes i get somerelief i have good days and bad. the good days are few and far between.

Bananas5 in reply to SusieJo1948

There is a fibro site here where you will get masses of support from other sufferers. They know far more about fibro than I do.

Could you write your post on there?

Gentle hugs and I believe you


SusieJo1948 in reply to Bananas5

how do i get to the fibro site

Bananas5 in reply to SusieJo1948

Top of your page it says....My hub. Click and type in...Fibromyalgia Action UK


Eils67k2 in reply to SusieJo1948

I believe you ❤️ And there’s times I want shout it out but I know that those people don’t want to understand


I believe you. x

thank you

Lulububs in reply to SusieJo1948

I believe ux

You are more than welcome. Did you know there is a fibro site on here? Take care. x


Yes fibromyalgia

I believe youuu!

I BELIEVE YOU susiejo1948

I beleive you too, sadly some people judge by what they see. But it is the unseen uncurable chronic illnesses that are hardest to deal with. Fibromyaligia is a recognised incurable chronic disease, hope you find some good help and support on the Fibromyaligia site. I have several freinds with this severe illness and we have a very good support network in our city. Take care and speak out if you feel frustrated with the pain. know the feeling I have arthritis amongst other things.

I believe you.unless you wear a.plaster cast on you wrist or have some visible sign people can be cruel and think your kidding.some ailments don't show but the pain is there.take care and look after yourself.

I believe you! And I know how you feel. It is difficult but try not to let them bring you down (well that's what my mum says to me anyway).

Jo x

I believe you. I really do. I also feel very sorry for you. I am in constant pain because I have a massive inoperable rotator cuff tear in my right shoulder and a small tear in my left. No pain killers work as I am allergic to codeine and can only take paracetamol. I have had injections but they only last a couple of weeks. I am now awaiting radio frequency nerve blocking ablation!. I really do understand the pain you are in. X

I believe you. Having been diagnosed with FM almost 25 years ago which added to all the other ortho problems. I am now 75 yrs old, struggle to attend church and yes, altho I know that Jesus believes me and loves me I tend to worry about people believing me. Hey, butblessf Jesus is for me who can be against me. Love and God Blessx

I believe you xx.... an I feel for you. I also feel like sitting down with some people in my life and stating exactly what you said in your post. Even after years and years, some people just cannot seem to understand the limitations you are faced with, and that pushing beyond that to please others is agonising!

I really hope you find a treatment that helps to relieve some of your pain, and that those you need to understand start to listen. I'll pray for you.

Of course you are in pain: good doctors and health professionals know that pain is what YOU say it is and I hope the specialist website helps you. I also like NHS Choices. And have you had a look at Pete Moore's Pain Toolkit? All the best.

reply to every one on fibro who responded. Thank you for believeing me

I believe you as many of us in the same position . Im not gonna say it gets easier i wouldn't lie to you , i struggle the same as you every minute of every hour of every day too xx

I BELIEVE YOU. You are in the right place no one judges here. We are all in pain. But only you know and feel your pain. I feel your pain in your words and I pray that you find some relief. Feel free to express your feeling here anytime! Take care of yourself because your are a diamond.

Hi, I believe you because I am the same way, but I just keeping going, or I would not be able to walk or do anything with my Grandsons and Great Grandson. I will pray for your healing, or at least feeling less pain.

I believe you, I have some conditions that they say could be in my mind because I have had depression for years.

I know they are real but getting someone to believe me is hard.

I Believe you too ..

as I felt like that before I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease while my dr said it was just my age .

He wasn’t so damned cocky after he had to tell me about the Graves though , after I insisted on blood tests .....

What’s wrong with these people !

Do they think we enjoy going to them to beg for help ?

I hope you get lots of help on the Fybromyalgia site

Though many of your symptoms sound Thyroid related .

Good luck Luvvie


I have a faulty SDHB gene and suffer from severe bone pain. Both my siters ad pheochroacytomas and one developed bone cancer and passed away nearly 2 years ago from complete organ failure. The second sister s due an op soon to remove the adrenal tumour. They are the only two people who have suffered with same bone pain. Does anyone have any advice please

I believe you. Love and gentle hugs to you x

i believe you Susiejo try to break your pain down to one and see if you can sort out what causes/ helps for each it may be that there is knee/elbow ?pain caused by one reason such as fibro , even small things like tension creates a tremendous amount of pain i have tension migraines which leave me bed bound .try and keep your spirits up love you can expect a lot of help here from other people who understand xx

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