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Pain not letting up in back and leg

Hi everyone thanks for all your replies and advice.I am in constant agony barely walk it all feels even worse now than it did before my last surgery.I feel I should go A and E but they are just so busy people waiting for hours on end to be seen .They are on trolleys in corridor so no point.I need to go back to work Wednesday but am so worried I can't and I do really need to work.I keep hoping this is a bad flare up but it's not letting up at all.Saw doc last week and she wanted me to have morphine but can't work and be spaced out.I have not known pain so intense as this.Sorry to go on and thanks all for listening

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Sorry to hear that.

If you can take ibuprofen , then 400mg 3 times a day for two days may help in an urgent case.

Have a look at stretching exercises for sciatica on Utube - that may give a little relief. Paracetamol may be some use if you can't take Ibu.

Good luck.


Morning anitatracy A&E is for emergencis and accidents. I know it's difficult when the surgeries are closed but you have decided that yiu don't want morphine and strong medication is really all that A& E could offer you.

Are you taking any medication at the moment ? What is causing your pain ? There are several medications etween paracetamol and Morphine so maybe the doctor could start you on one of them.

YOU are right in not wanting to start an opiate medication unless absolutely necessary but you do become accustomed to them and can function fine on the lower doses. Driving could be a problem though. I have driven on all the opiates I have been on but never in the first days of getting used to them or when a dose was increased.

Hopefully you can see your GP soon and discuss your options.

Hope all goes well.



Hi deejays.

Thank you for your reply.I had a lumbar mri scan last week.Results show I have a slipped disc on my right side this time .Had surgery in 2011 for 3 slipped discs on left side think it was L5 S1. Anyway scan also shows I have spinal stenosis and so are being referred for more back surgery.This was a road I didn't want to go down again but I really can't tolerate this for much longer. I am taking ibrufen 400 4 times a day along with paracetamol and tramadol .Thank you.Anita


Sorry meant to address that as deejames but predictive text!


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