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I need Good Luck wishes please

My date for a Blue Basge assessment came quickly, it's tomorrow. Been raking out ID for it, passport and driving licence out of date, as is my bus pass. Utility bills paid by direct debit and I have nothing with just my name on. Found my marriage certificate ( both names ) Have my bank statement, bank cards in my name and my NHS pension annual statement I hope it will be enough with the GPs form to state my medications and health problems. Such a difficult place to get to so the taxi will be £36.00 return. I will be well peed off if I am turned down Have taken note of all the kind members' advice so I think I know what to expect, Polly X

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You’ll be just fine ... guess your just worrying

The items you have will be just great

But I’m sorry your taxi is going to be expensive ..

Hope you get your badge ... I have one and I am so happy with it .... it is a wonderful help to me

With arthritic pain

Best of luck Luvvie mx🌹


Good luck. Let us know how you got on


Good Luck Polly.


You should be fine, I was given the run around when I applied for a disabled Freedom pass. Luckily I was living with a medical doctor at the time. A strongly worded letter from her soon turned things around! I don't think they even assessed me..