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Hello everyone my name is shannon I'm 19 years old and say for the past 2 years I've suffered with chest pains,sometimes I have it in my arm,back and stuff like that I've been to hospital/doctors so many times have ecgs and everything and everything has always come back okay😭 I really need advice and just can't stop worrying,why at the age of 19 am I getting this,what is it,I'm always scared it's my heart,what do I do so wrong😭

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  • Hi, i'm 20 and recently i've been experiencing chest and back pain too with heart palpitations! I also went for an ECG and it came back ok, your deffo not alone in this! I think worrying about it more freaks me out

  • Have they don't any other tests Hun? Any bloods and how long have you had it x

  • Perhaps you should keep a diary about how the pain is, where it is, what you are doing when you get the pain. All these things can then point to what the pain is caused by. If you have had ECG and doctors have ruled out heart problems,, it could be any number of things. Chest pain can be something as simple as indigestion. So if you diary your symptoms, there may be a pattern for the doctors to work on and get a better clue as to what is going on for you. However, worrying and focusing on it will also make it worse. Try the diary and see if there is a pattern emerging on what you are doing when you get the pain.

  • Thankyou for both replying I've just had enough of feeling like it waking up every day scared saying "why me" what do I do so wrong,is it my diet? What is it,I don't smoke,hardly drink or anything

  • Try seeing a McTimony chiropractor. The chest pains could be due to micro cramps which need to be released. All you can do is to try it and see if it works or not.

  • Hi Shannon97, if he hasn't already, have your doctor look into GERD as a possible cause. When I was in my 30s I went through a similar problem. I would get intense subalterns chest pains which sometimes even go to my arm, back and on occasion even my jaw. I also went to the ER a couple of times as I was sure it was a heart attack. It turned out that I was actually experiencing GERD and would even get esophageal spasms. I finally agreed to take meds and the chest pains went away. I used to dread getting out of bed every morning because I was afraid of what the day would bring- I was anxious all of the time and that just contributes and exacerbates the pain. Gallbladder pains can also mimic chest pain. So check out your GI system as the culprit and dont rule out anxiety as making it worse. Best of luck to you.

  • Hi.... if you've had tests etc it should put your mind at rest.

    It could be something like stress. It creeps up on you and before you know it everything is getting ontop of you.

    Or do you have a stress free life?


  • I never have a stress free life,I just don't no what I'm doing so wrong😟 What other tests can I ask for

  • Could be stress related and panic attacks. Try taking up yoga to help relax

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