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much better, but for how long?

much better, but for how long?

Good day all, reading these posts are so helpful to me. Thanks everyone for sharing. I suffer from intercostal nerve damage from the many thoracic surgeries Ive had. Also have degenerative discs & RA in upper spine. I get lidocaine infusions every 2-3 months which helps very much with my nerve pain. I've had these problems for 3 years. I see a Nuerologist & pain specialist every 2 months. Beside the infusions I take 300 mgs Gabapenten 3 × day, 5 mg diazipam as needed (usually before bedtime) 30 mgs Oxycontin 2 × a day & 10 mgs oxycodone for breakthrough pain. This combination has helped me to regain my life but Im very concerned because every 6 - 8 months the horrible pain returns. Then my Dr will increase my meds & lidocaine infusions (increase the doses). I am just so uncomfortable with the higher dosages. I wonder if this will ever end? I am grateful for the pain relief, yet frightened that my doses will keep increasing to what end? I have discussed this with my Dr. Ideally the relief I get from the lidocaine infusions will last much longer & I will stop having to have my dosages increased and possibly start to lower them. I have two friends who also got the lidocaine infusions. They both said that it took about one and a half years of infusions and then their pain dissapeared. Both pain free for over 2 years now & take no more pain meds. I realize everyone is different but Im still frightened about the dose increases. I am truly grateful that I can now function but Im still worried about my meds.. Ive been getting the infusions for one year now and my Dr says I'll probally need just two more until my pain is 85 percent gone forever. I apologize for such a long post but I now feel so much better to get this worry off my chest. Thanks everyone for letting me vent.

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I'm replying to Enzo 777 only to let all of you know my predicament.

I had had awful pain in my right leg and foot - mainly the foot to begin with - some months ago. After seeing my GP, which I try not to go to these days, he arranged a M.R.I. scan on my spine last August 26th - and, after several attempts to find out what had been the reason for the delay in an appointment being offered, I was told by an Appointment Unit in Milton Keynes that I had not even attempted to request an appointment myself. I always was under the impression that my GP took that action. "Oh, that's not how it works these days, sir, it's up to you to do that". Just remember that I live in Cumbria, near The Lakes District - some 2 hundred miles I suppose from Milton Keynes. However, the lady sent me an Application for Consultation Form which I duly filled in, gat my GP to approve it and off it went in the post the same afternoon.

Several weeks later, as I was about to contact M.K. an appointment arrived for 5th February, 2018 - 5 months since the original request. My GP said he would "see what I can do about it" to absolutely no avail. As the weeks passed to the appropriate date with some relief pending, the postman delivered a further letter delaying the date for another month - now 6 months - and as my lovely wife held me down in case of a dramatic hear attack, I controlled myself sufficiently not to blame the postman - bless him!!

So, that's the situation I am in at present. Trying hard to keep the awful pain at bay and going to bed most evenings earlier then I have since I was in my early teens, just to get to sleep to relieve the discomfort. The problem there has been that I wake too early and have to endure the problem longer. I know I am only 82 years of age and some would say what am I bothered about - I have had my time - but until that time finishes I would like to have some relief and, hopefully, be around for my 83rd in August this year.

Thank heaven's for my gym activities and the pals I have there and have had for many years. Thanks for bearing with me and I hope something will interest those in similar circumstances. Best wishes. Delmar


Delmar, As I read your reply just now tears are running down my cheeks. I will never understand why anyone in pain has to suffer so. I guess Im truly blessed to have a Physician who's first act is to ease suffering. I was miserable for a long period with very strong pain pills and they never took away but maybe half the pain. I honestly don't know where I'd be now without the aid of medication. I feel so lucky to actually have my pain slowly starting to fade. Not a day goes by that I do not thank the good Lord for that. I truly hate this situation you're in. I'll never understand. I will pray for a miracle.


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