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bruising co codomol

first i would like to say i hope alls well (or as well as can be?

whoever said if life gives you lemons then make lemonade sure aint had to do it every min/hr/day or week yer?

i would go off lemons for sure lols.

anyway justa lil pop in to see how your All doing and maybe bring a smile or a few mins respite is all, be safe everyone and please dont just put up with what someone told ya, GO explore other meds/Go seek alternative advice/DO share with fam/friends how you feel, all there to help yer? be good peeps, jim

pps (allways an agenda yer lol)

scratch upper arm bruises within secs but under or rest of body doesnt!

im talking light scratch and tramlines appear! doc tested liver all good (i was surprised as been treating back with stella and old brandy lols.

any thoughts hit me up, be safe folks, sorry.

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Got the same thing myself got my wife to scratch an itch on my back lightly and their was massive tram lines definitely wasn’t normal my wife was shocked. I’ve not bothered to mention it to my go at gracemount medical practise in Edinburgh because they are useless absolute crap doctors would appreciate it if you ever find out what causes it to let me know please cheers.


will let ya know bud, wierd i only get it on upper arm


I have those all over my arms. My Rheumatologist told me is was from the steroids that I take.


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