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Stomach issues

The last 3 weeks I've been dealing with a stomach issue that isn't going away.

Syptoms are:

Constant Nausea


Internal Pain from pelvis to just below right ribcage (liver down to the appendix area) sharp and dull

Dihorea and constipation

Bleeding from rectum (happened once not through straining, about half a cup of blood and clots)

Orange mucus in stool


Low blood pressure


Yo-yoing tempreture

GP doesn't know what it is and been sent by GP 2 times to A&E.

Ultrasound and pelvic ultrasound showed everything as normal. Bloods normal on all occasions.

Appendicitis: no, Gall stones: no, Infection: no, virus: no, Gynecology problems: no.

No treatment, symptoms are not subsiding.

Keep being passed backwards and forwards.

Anyone have any ideas, I'm currently unable to work due to this illness.


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Just a thought, has anyone mentioned crohns and/or ulcerative colitis??

Although not all your symptoms match, a lot of them do..... may be worth looking in to.

Hope you get sorted soon



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When I first started taking the Hdcq I had severe stomach cramps which gave me diahorrea, vomiting, temperature spikes, and pain was worse than childbirth, my pharmacist recommended Buscopan, within 2 hours the pain subsided, took it constantly for 5 days, I now take it regularly before I eat in the morning, just the one dose, occasional breakthroughs, but no where near as bad. Hope you get sorted soon.

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Go back to ur GP X


Thank you everyone, I am going back to my GP, I just wanted to see if anyone had any ideas due to the GP and the hospital are stumped.

Also I would give buscopan a go but I'm not aloud to take any digestive medication due to my current medication for HSD.

I will see what gets brought up at my appointment and see if anything can be done.


Dear DarkBunnyLiz,

Yes please DO get back to your GP, or Hospital Consultants! Loosing ANY appreciable quantity, of visible blood from your Bum, IS cause for concern-far less a Cup full! Coupled with your 'other' symptoms, you Definitely need help/assistance!

You don't say what your Condition/Diagnosis actually is, so I can really only really suggest going back to Doctors-though this might be for the best anyway.

Dr David Jane, who is based at Addenbrooke's Hospital Cambridge, and is also a Consultant to Vasculitis UK-our Sister organisation. Perhaps you could ask for a Consultation, I am assuming that you are in the UK,( embarrassingly the last person that I suggested that to, lived in the USA).

I know that I can send everyone's, very best, wishes to you. Hope you feel better soon DarkBunnyLiz (hey great name, by the way).

Take care, of yourself



Hi AndrewT,

my other condition is Hypermobility spectrum disorder.

It's a connective tissue disorder. It can cause alot of other underlying problems from heart problems to stomach problems,cronic fatigue and pain.

I am based in the UK in London And under the care of UCLH for HSD but with this problem I've been under chealsea and Westminster hospital London.

I have an appointment with my GP on Monday, hopefully we will atleast be on the route to some course of treatment.

Usually I wouldn't ask for help online but due to the unknown from the hospital and GP, and tired of feeling unwell I thought I would give it a go.

Thank you for your help and support



Hi everyone, after nearly 5 months, scans and blood tests nothing came back but due to my hypermobility spectrum disorder, they are putting it down to sluggish bowl, a change of diet and generally watching how it goes.

The bleeding is a side effect of my bowl trying to push stuff through but if it gets worse to return to my GP at anytime.

I am also up for pain management in the next 4/6weeks and I'll ask there if any of my medications making it worse.

6-12g of salt a day

3 liters of water a day

taking away highly possessed food or heavy food.

So basicly treat it the same as IBS by cutting out what causes problems aswell

Thank you everyone for your help it was lovely to have your support πŸ’œ


HSD and now psoriatic arthritis (PsA) with decades of IBS - and, to introduce another acronym, FODMAPs changed my quality of life almost literally overnight.


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