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Lower back pain and possible piriformis syndrome

I put my back out on 1 Dec 2016 getting bread out of a kitchen cupboard. After a couple of hours I was screaming in pain and passed out. I was taken to hospital and they said it was muscular after examining me. I also had an antalgic lean. A few weeks later i had an MRI and a herniated l3 disc was showing. After 3 months I began to feel fairly normal again but still mindful of my condition. In June of this year I was struggling to sit at work so went for further Physio, within a couple of hours I was in severe pain again and had redeveloped an antalgic lean. Since then I haven't been able to work as I'm in pain constantly. A further MRI in July showed l3 herniated disc and signs of l4 going the same way. I now wake up in the night with pain in my lower back and hips and sometimes can't wait to get up in the morning. I take pain relief, do my exercises and then have to rest again. My doctor has now asked for a full blood test and an MRI on my piriformis as he says my right hand side is really stiff. I've tried chiropractors, reflexology, Physio, acupuncture and pain relief and nothing works. The pain in my lower back dictates my life and I really am at my wits end. Laying in bed is now painful this eve after taking tramadol and ibuprofen. Not sure if I have a form of sciatica but it doesn't travel into my legs , I only have a constant band of tightness around my hip line and so me times the centre of the pain is in the middle by the l3/4 discs and other times it's on the right of my back.I'm hoping to have a spinal injection next. Have any of you guys had a similar situation?

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I had the same thing happen two years ago getting out of my car was In agony for two months could only sit on a dining chair and in bed has to literally lift my side to turn over thought it would never end took Cocodemols and hot water bottle on it constantly. It started again this year but only lasted a few weeks fingers xd it doesnt come back again. Hope you feel better soon

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I have herniated disks as well, and have had many cortisone injections in my back. My experience varies fro total pain relief for about 2 months, to virtually no relief at all. Shots cannot be given more than 3 months apart, leaving gaps in the relief. This procedure is simply a band aid. You may want to speak with an Orthopedic regarding surgery. That is not to be taken lightly. I have heard countless stories of back surgery making things worse. In my opinion, for your level of pain, your meds are nowhere near strong enough. If you are not getting relief, speak to your doctor. Him/her needs to make you comfortable. Good luck from MA USA!

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