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Fed up

Even tho I suffer from AS I haven't really suffered with severe back or neck pain for ages now and my main issues have been with my feet,ankles, hips, hands and shoulders but for the past wk I've really been struggling with my back, neck and hips for some reason, started on a. New treatment called cosentyx about 3 months ago, which is an injection that I take wkly for the 1st 4 wks and then switch to monthly injections, it seemed to be working really well while I was taking on a wkly basis but since I switched to monthly it isn't working nowhere near as well, it's fine for the 1st couple of wks but doesn't last for the whole month and by the 2nd wk my back and neck are killing me, which is strange as they have never been this bad before, and nothing I take relieves the pain I'm experiencing, so getting less sleep than normal which isn't that much normally 😒 at my wits end at the mo 😑 just hope it improves with time, thankfully I have got an appointment with a member of the rheumatology team on the 7 th so hopefully they may be able to give me some useful advice πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š

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