Who do i turn to

So confused ive looked on all health forums and dont know what to deal with first im drug controlled epileptic was diagnosed with fibromyalgia few years back and recently thyroid problems. My tiredness pain and feeling down is getting no better no matter what. Im feeling very low today. X

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  • Hi Sunrise- sorry about your situation.

    I suggest you post on Thyroid or Pain Concern on this site. They are good at those complex situations.

    We just kick things around here!😆

    Good luck.

  • Ok thx

  • Madlegs1 this IS Pain Concern forum!

    We give help advice support and anything else we can/ Son members on here have a wealth of experience

    Don't write us off just yre


  • I realised that - I thought I was on the Restless legs forum- and tried numeruos times to delete the post- but it wouldn't allow me. I then deleted the text - but obviously it posted it anyway.

    This Health Unlocked has a mind of its own.

    God help us all if ever robots take over the world. " You will be liquidated"

    Also their algorithm for classing post tags is beyond wierd. Check out the grey tags at the bottom of some posts. Wierdly wierd.

    As I pointed out in the post- I consider the people in Pain Concern to be a fine knowledgeable lot of individuals.


  • Keep going I like your style!. I have to do all my posts etc by listening so I don't see all the little extras. That keeps my busy!

    Thanks for enlightening me anyway

    Pat x

  • I get what you mean now lol no worries im on the thyroid forum lol x

  • Good to hear sunrise and sure you will get help and support there.

    Gentle hugs


  • Hello Sunrise2222 and welcome on board.

    We do tend to deal with the chronic pain side of conditions which obviously covers a huge area.

    As Mad says there is a thyroid forum which may be able to help you better. Also a fibro one too. That is normally a very jolly place bt a little upssy downsy at the moment.

    Do go post there and sure there will be someone to chat with


  • Hi Sunrise. I love that name.

    I grew up with an older brother who was epileptic.

    I wouldn't be too concerned just now about the Fibromyalgia.

    The thing that jumps out at me is being diagnosed recently with Thyroid problems. You may have been suffering from undiagnosed Thyroid problems for a while.

    Do you know what blood tests you've had? Could you ask for copies of the results. You need to ask for your Thyroid Antibodies to be tested but they may have been already.

    Would I be correct in assuming that you have an Underactive Thyroid?

    You could also ask your GP for blood tests for nutrients levels of

    Vitamin D


    Folate and


    In case you have absorption issues. You could check the symptoms of deficiencies in each of these on NHS choices.

    I have Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis and Hypothyroidism.

    I suffered many symptoms for many years before diagnosis and treatment.

    Have you been prescribed Levothyroxine? What dose? I'm on 75mcg.

    Your symptoms of tiredness, pain and feeling down could all be caused by your Thyroid problems. It takes a while after treatment started till you feel better. You need to take your Levothyroxine on its own with water well away from your anti epilepsy meds and any other meds.

    Every cell in the body needs the hormone Thyroxine in order to function properly. Without enough Thyroxine the body doesn't work fully, every organ is affected. We get tired sluggish, low, depressed, the metabolism is slowed and there is unexpected weight gain in most with Hypothyroidism.

    I will pop over on to Thyroid forum in case you have posted thete.


  • Hi im not too worried about the epileptic side so much now although I think things started going downhill for me when that started 19 years ago. Ive been seizure free for about 7 years now but often wonder if its the meds im on so will i ask about that too. Although i dont wanna mess with them after the term ive been free. But wont hurt to ask. Im taking on board all advice i can to ask when I get to see someone for answers xxcx

  • That's great that you've been seizure free for 7 years, seems they got that medication right.

    All you need now I suppose is to ask for the nutrients levels tests and ask if you need the next dose of Levothyroxine.

    That should be determined by your latest Thyroid bloods results and current Hypo symptoms, I would have thought.

    All the best with your GP appointment. Hope you get helpful response from the Doc.


  • Hi, I'm back!

    You headed your post - 'Who do I turn to'

    There is a lot of support available.

    As already mentioned Thyroid community on here. You could also Google Thyroid UK for lots of information and their phone number if you want to speak to someone.

    Do you have any other symptoms? Weight gain? Weight loss? Throat problems - lumpiness when swallowing, soreness or tenderness? Digestive problems? Constipation ? IBS?

    Did you see an Endocrinologist or have an Ultrasound scan or just blood tests by GP?

    My brother was on Epanutum capsules and phenobarbitone tablets three times a day. He still had fits though. Especially if there was an upset or stress. He got circulation problems when he got older and was put on lots of tablets. We asked if it was OK to be taking so many so doctor did a blood test to check the levels of medication. It came back that he actually wasn't on enough anti-epilepsy meds. When he was upped to 4 times a day he stopped having so many fits.

    Hope you find out what is causing your symptoms and get on the right road to recovery very soon.


  • Hi my symptoms are all you have mentioned and some 😣

  • Welcome, I have thyroid problems and Fibro too. Lots of support on here. You are not alone, we understand how you feel. Exhaustion and pain are not easy to live with. Have you got enough support from your doctor? Hugs 🤗

  • BTW just thought I might share something that my doctor suggested to me. Because your thyroid medicine has to be taken alone it can be kind of bothersome to find a place and time where you can take it. His suggestion was to put my pills in the bathroom and take one at night when I get up to go pee. And if I don't end up getting up that night he said just add the next day's pill and night you'll take two pills.

  • Fantastic idea i was trying to figure out when but now thats answered i get up loads to pee in night so just gotta figure out which session lol

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