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Can I get some help describing pain / feeling?

Hello everyone. I experience a type of feeling all over my body, but I don't know what the technical term is for it. Could anyone help me out, because it would be useful to know what the word is for this feeling so I can tell my doctor. It is a feeling that is dull in nature. It slows you down, everything takes more time to do because this feeling makes you feel like your body is sapped of energy. It is like having brain fog but all over your body. It is as if something is covering the inside of all my body. It feels like something is locking the muscles / bones in my body, but yet it does not hurt to touch the muscles or bones and it does not hurt to move. It just takes more effort to do things. Like it takes more effort to think with brain fog. Is there a single word for this I can use? Is it aching pain? What is it?

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Can't think of a specific word but could you say it feels like your body is full of concrete, it's heavy and restrictive and draining your energy just trying to move around.

I know sometimes it's hard describing odd feelings to a gp and on top of that the pressure of knowing you have to tell them everything n not forget anything in only 7 minutes.

I do think however you say it, your dr will of heard it described that way many times before and will know what you mean.

Good luck with your appointment


Back in the 1970s a doctor who specialised in chronic pain gathered a list of 103 words that people used to describe pain. They put them into categories, and then developed a questionnaire called the McGill Pain Questionnaire. It is the 'industry standard' for assessing pain to this day, having be tweaked over the years. But it is still based on people's descriptions of their pain.

So you don't need a special fancy word for describing your pain, what you have said above is all your doctor needs to know! Then he can diagnose from that what kind of pain you are having (there are many different kinds of pain and you can have more than one at once) and try to come up with a treatment.

What about taking what you have written above and reading it out to the GP. Then they get to see the whole picture of how you feel about the pain. Good luck!


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