Can anybody help me?

Aged 16, average weight, 5 foot 6.

I keep getting really sick, it's mostly feeling weak, back pain, dizzyness, headaches, not wanting to eat, faintings are mostly rare but it does happen on occasion, tired, pain when i gently rub my finger tips over my skin on my arms below the elbow, because of not wanting to eat i dropped from a UK size 16 to a skinny size 12 going on 10. And finally after fainting i feel so weak it's like i'm paralysed, it takes 3 days to recover to fuction normally. Went to the doctor but they told me to take medication etc asprin, this didn't help, i take multivitamins and iron tablets daily, does anybody have any clues to whats wrong?

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  • I'd have thought that your GP would do more investigations than that. Have you mentioned the weight loss ?

    Go back and ask for tests. I wouldn't take iron tablets unless you have had a test of show you are deficient. I hope you told your doctor that you were taking them and how many.

    Best of luck


  • I know I'm borderline anemic that's the reason for the iron tablets as previously told to me by my old doctor.

  • You should not be feeling like this at your age especially. You really do need help, make a copy of your ask for help you have written on here, and take it to your GP, and show him/her that you are suffering and asking for advice on line, because all they are suggesting is pain relief ??????? Speak to your parents, other family, get it sorted xxxx

  • never take iron supplements without having a blood test first to see if you need them. Best stop taking them and tell your GP you have been taking them along with all you have told us. Multi vits ok but not ones with iron in without having a blood test. please see your GP as soon as you can and let us know how you get on. You can see another GP if you feel the other one isn't taking you seriously after giving him or her all the info.

  • Look up cancer and weight loss. This is not my area of expertise. You need to keep a detailed diary of when, how and what. Then take the diary to the GP and take your parents with you. A GP will ride roughshod over you. They will not be able to do that with your parents.

    Hope this is helpful.

  • Have you told your parents all of this? Need to get a second opinion. Be strong!

  • what about M E

  • My mum has that... :3

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