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Widespread pain

I'm awaiting to see a rheumatologist in September because I have constant pain in all m body and joints. I'm hoping to get some answers because I've been feeling like this 9 months now. It's started taking its toll on me and I'm tired all the time because of it, can't walk far anymore and it's made me extremely anxious and depressed. I feel like my body wants o give up on me..

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I can't really offer you any help but you are not alone, I have had similar symptoms for the last 6 months. This website is the right place for advice and support and if you are waiting to see a rheumatologist then hopefully you will soon have some answers, good luck :)


Hi Lauren, chronic pain definitely effects your mood and leaves you feeling exhausted, frustrated and depressed. Have you seen a pain specialist yet and have you been on a pain management course? They help you to come to terms with what you have and give advice on trying to manage pain by pacing, massage, gentle exercise, the use of tens machine, acupuncture and medication so it's worth a try. Ask GP for referral. With me, knowing that there is people out there so much worse than myself did help me to except what I have and to stop me feeling angry with the world. Anxiety makes the pain worse and don't feel guilty when you can't do something as people need to understand that your in pain and your doing your best. Try and focus on something else rather than the pain. Have friends round and sit in the garden with some cheerful music playing but try not to get depressed. I know it's easier said than done but you can do it. X


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