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Herniated disc or piriformis muscle pain causing walking pain

I just started this important job and my disc became inflamed when I did a certain exercise. Now I'm moving slow at work and hate it. I don't want my boss to think I'm lazy but it hurts so much. I can't afford chiropractor treatment which helped the last time but I don't want my nerves to continue to hurt which may eventually be damaged. I am blessed to have a trainer who said he will work with me on stretches but some people are saying to abandon working out completely. I just want to walk and sit again pain free. I can't concentrate like I need to. I don't want special treatment at work but I cant stand too long. What to do? I work at a school.

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Because you don't know at this stage exactly what the problem is it's best to lay down and rest when possible and bring your knees up towards your chest if you can to stretch your back out which may help. Do this now and then but don't take to your bed and stay there all day because you will seize up. Be honest at work and tell them that you've hurt your back as they need to be supporting you. Hopefully will feel better in a few days but if not you need to see your doctor. Also ask at the chemist if they can recommend anything to help the pain. Fingers crossed it will ease off soon. X


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